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tripel beam
05/27/08 04:49 PM  
stuck ferment
O.K. Here we go...What's the best re-starter yeasts, methods?

I think I'm stuck somewhaere between 1.02 and 1.03. I had an O. G. of 1.043 so this has a long way still (not to mention I'm looking for F.G. of 1.08 or less).

I split the wort into (2) 5gal carboys at 2.5 gal in each. My yeast (WL565) was split (eyeballed it) between the fermenters. After two days I racked the one that was moving on top of the one that hadn't done much. Now the whole batch seems stuck.

In hind-sight I need more fermenters. Lack of fermentation vessels and proper-sized vessels forced me into some of these problems.

Any advice would be great.

05/27/08 05:05 PM  
Re: stuck ferment
WLP565 is a notoriously slow and difficult yeast. What temps are you fermenting at? One thing this yeast loves is heat. I have taken it into the mid 80's without issues and I know some people have taken it as high as 90 degrees.

If you are fermenting cooler than that I highly suggest warming it up. Even then, don't expect this yeast to finish quickly. It will usually take several weeks to drop even a modest wort down to TG.

Patience and heat are your best friends when dealing with 565. Good luck

05/27/08 07:16 PM  
Re: stuck ferment
Daytime temps of 80 and nightime temps of 60s (san francisco bay area) will not allow this yeast to complete fermentation. The friend that got his to complete put it in his 90F garage which remains hot enough at night.

Even with successive batches on the slurries (ie. more population) I never got low finishing gravities so I think the yeast have a hard time fermenting some sugars under certain environments (like not quite hot enough).

Its finicky for sure. I've gotten to the point since I don't have fermentor temp control, I just pitch a neutral strain at the end to finish her up.


tripel beam
05/27/08 10:16 PM  
Re: stuck ferment
Yep. I'm trying to keep this around 85+ and I will have this in carboy for weeks I'm assuming.

With all this info taken into consideration, what if it is not moving at all after taking the suggested steps to cater to this yeast. Is oxidizing an issue after a while?

Pete what is a good nuetral strain that will move this into a low F. G.? Use a starter? Enzyme? I used Cervomyces enzyme pill with a Saison568 and it fermented great for me.

Also, Is pH a factor for this yeast I used some acidulated malt, but it didn't seem to be very much acid when I sampled it during racking. Thanks again guys.

Scott R
05/27/08 11:30 PM  
Re: stuck ferment
The last time I had a fermentation stick, I pitched the stuck beer on top of the cake from another fermentation. It did the trick for me. Having said this, I'm not sure what other yeast you'd use in this circumstance.
05/28/08 12:24 AM  
Re: stuck ferment
I'd use dry 05 yeast or WL001 or WY1056 or WY 1007 german ale.

basically most yeasts that don't throw a massive dominant character and that are hardy and will settle out. so no belgian strains, no weizen or english strains. just something kinda boring so those saison esters stick around.

I wouldn't add oxygen this far into the game.

Other option as mentioned prior, would be to rack onto another cake of yeast/slurry.

cheers petec

Al B
05/28/08 07:31 AM  
Re: stuck ferment
Since you used 565, I'd recommend trying my Saison blend just shipped out yesterday to ya. Make a starter of the slurry or use the cake of it from a different batch. But I would be confident this slurry will power down the FG and add more saisony goodies to yer brew.....

Al Blend

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