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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/29/08 10:44 PM  
Wild High Gravity Swap
Anyone interested in a wild high gravity swap (say over 8%) in the near future?

I have a Triple that was secondaried with WY Lambicus and Vinnie's chips that I'd love to get some feedback on.

Further, I'd be very interested in whatever people have that pushes the boundaries on what our little bugs can supposedly produce.

Patrick Greaney
05/30/08 01:54 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
ABSOLUTELY! My fiance and I have a high gravity reddish-brownish contraption that has been sitting on some toasted oak, 8 fl oz of syrah and some WLP Brux and Orval dregs for about 7 months now. We brewed this for our anniversary back in Nov.

Last I tasted it was about a month ago and it was coming along very nicely. One of the best beers we've ever made and in fact, it's our first wild brew. I've got several more going since but this is our first and oldest. OG was around 1.093 and I think last I checked it was around 10% abv.

It was very tasty but I'd still like to give it a couple more months in secondary before we bottle. (like to let the summer heat have it's way with it, so to speak). Anyways, if we're talking late summer/fall. I think we would be happy to participate. The beer will still be fairly young, but I have very high hopes for this beer and don't think anybody will be disappointed.

05/30/08 08:37 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
Just bottled up a high grav oude brune type thing yesterday. Originally brewed with rose hips, and finished with fantome dregs. Roughly 9-9.5 abv. I'll also be bottling up my blending effort of the RIS and high grav aged Fred soon, which I would love to hear what people think...

I would probably be interested...

Seanywonton (Sean White)
05/30/08 09:32 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
I have a recently bottled one that might just clear 8%. Belgian blond-ish beer with apricots & brett.
05/30/08 11:27 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
FYI... The post from Patrick above was me. :-)
05/31/08 11:00 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
A little more time. Cool, the beers only get better with it.

tankdeer--how prominant is the syrah? I want to do something similar, but was thinking of soaking the chips rather than adding the wine to secondary.

BPotts--how long did you age the Oud Bruin before bottling? I have one going and am under the impression that it should be shorter than my Flanders Red, but damn if there isn't a pellicle that I'd rather not diturb.

Seanywonton--which brett, and did you dump the whole thing on the fruit or..?

05/31/08 12:03 PM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
After a second taste last night I guess it's not all that oud bruin-like. That was just my inititial impression, but I suppose the best way to describe it is "a strong blegian brown ale with brett".... It's got a great oud brune like color, but is definitly more funky and bretty than a bruin, as opposed to more lactic and acetic. It does have some supporting sourness, but fruity funky brett plays a bigger role.

With that said, I brewed it last november, it was primaried with charlies cry havoc yeast (super clean!) and I used an oz of rose hips for spicing. I think I also pitched pedio, and possibly lacto as well. After a couple of months nothing seemed to be happening with the bacteria and the beer was tasting HOT as all hell, so I added a portion of a starter I made with fantome dregs at the end of decemeber or early Jan. It grew a healthy pellicle, but when I tasted the other day, the gravity had hardly dropped at all (in fact it was a little higher than I remembered, I guess because of the starter I added) so I figured it would be fine to bottle. So roughly 5 months with the fantome bugs, at cellar temp. If I let it go longer I'm sure it would have soured up more in the heat, but It was really nice and bretty without the overwhelming sourness so I decided to bottle it up.

05/31/08 01:15 PM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
mtc - yes, you can taste the syrah, but it's really well balanced with all the other flavors going on. I actually did soak the chips in the wine, but then dumped the whole mess into secondary. figured why not.

My last taste had somewhat of that "wine barrel aged" flavor without the oxidation that usually goes with it. in other words, some vanilla-oak notes with a winey-background. Follwed by some brett funk.

I'm really happy with how it's coming along. hopefully it'll be ready for the swap as I'm very interested to try others' too. :-)

06/06/08 01:18 PM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
I have an all-brett (C.) strong golden of sorts but with some USish dry hopping. Basically a beer with no category, and the C. came out amazingly clean. But technically I think this would count as a "Wild High Gravity". I'd need a month.
06/07/08 10:44 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap

I have made two similar beers to the one you described recently, without the dryhops (yet). I was amazed at how clean the brett c fermented both. I was going for a fruity/pineapple thing, especially aromatically, so I used a late charge of Amarillo to help accentuate that. In the end I ended up with a very good golden ale that could pass as a big APA, but underhopped for an IPA. It's wild, but not funky.

One is still in secondary, and I'm curious about your dryhopping. Any extra info you could provide would be appreciated about your beer.

06/07/08 11:08 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
I went Amarillo too, should be an interesting pair up!
06/07/08 11:54 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
Hah! I actually have someting similar as well, just no US hops (or dry hopping in general). Did a strong golden for my last generation brett C & B beer and it turned out like a strong golden old ale or barleywine. Super clean - a tamed wild ale, but more woody herbal tasting from the saaz and styrians rather then piney/citrusy american hop flavors. Didn't dry out much but it's still roughly 8.5%. I'm just gonna let it sit in the secondary for awhile though, maybe try and finish it with some other brett or something, haven't really decided yet.

06/07/08 12:32 PM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
SteveG & BPotts--

Out of curiousity, what was the final/current gravity of your beers? I experienced stasis with both at 1.012 for brett c only fermentation. My two-strain brett beers have always dropped much lower.

SteveG- any thoughts about adding a culture of Pedio to the brett c beer in secondary? I'm thinking this might save a fairly boring/musty beer by adding some much needed acidity.

06/07/08 01:29 PM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
Ummm....well.... I experienced results all over the board with my all brett beers. I used a blend of clausenii and brux. The first was an american hopped wheat beer, which came out tasting like an IPA, pretty high FG of like 1.025 or something. Second beer was a saison (with lacto added) which reached about 1.012 but is still dropping. My third beer (with yeast from the first generation still) was the golden strong which also had a rather high TG - somewhere around 1.032-1.035! That seems to be pretty stable at this point, but at least the SG was around 1.095 for that. The final beer, using the 2nd gen cake + lacto from the saison was a berliner (SG around 1.025-1.030), which dropped to only 1.01 after primary, but has since dropped to ~1.006, and still going. Since then I added a little yeast leftover from bottling the strong brown with fantome bugs - hoping to dry and sour it up over the heatwave which is hitting us now.
06/08/08 10:44 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
mtc, mine went from OG: 1.080 to TG: 1.013 in 6 days. I let it sit for a while at cellar temp, I don't know that I took another reading. I will next time I think of it, for now suffice to say we had similar results.

As far as additional innoculations, no. When I first started working with all brett beers my mindset was seeing what I could do with funkiness/tartness. What I discovered is that there are other possible outcomes. Beers can be good without acidity, so I'm not looking for a way to force that. I will say that, despite its lack of "wildness", I am delighted by the beer, so its in the fridge setting out. It is really my best attempt so far at getting a nice dry hopped flavor. The best improvement to it at this point, IMO, would be if I could make it crystal clear.

This one started out with a belgian strong golden in mind (though it is a bit coppery for that), now I'm thinking of it as an IPA. I think the dry hopping has mixed very well with the fruitiness I got from the C.

06/08/08 11:14 AM  
Re: Wild High Gravity Swap
Sounds like consistency to me.

I did go ahead and pitched the pedio into my other brett c beer. It's only a 3 gallon batch and just too clean to get excited about. I agree that wild beers don't need acidity to be interesting and pleasing. But, this one was just zzzzzzzzz. So, another experiment.

My other one is already bottled and I was very happy with the results at bottling. I am going to try your method of dryhopping, SteveG, in a future batch. In fact, I'm considering just making my standard IPA and hitting half of it with brett c. I'm thinking that it will produce a very intersting version of the style.

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