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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/31/08 11:12 AM  
Vinnie's Chips
I assume others are working with Vinnie's chips, too. I'm interested in progress reports (not that anyone has to report to me!).

I have been noticing in 3 seperate batches that these critters work extremely quick. I contacted Vinnie about this and he said that the bugs would eat (but then quit) to about 1.006 which would indicate a good time to bottle condition.

My triple, for instance, hit these numbers right on target 6 months after adding them. A month before, the pellicle dropped and cleared and never returned. The taste is very RR, with a bit of the house terrior mixed in. These bugs had no problem working in an 9.5% abv environment and pushed the beer to a clean 10.5% at bottling!

Any similar or disparate experiences out there?

05/31/08 01:17 PM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
I know Mike T has been working with the chips. I however have not.

I do have a small culture growing up with the dregs from the bottles of 1 each, beatification, supplication, temptation. right now it has a small pellicle and smells really nice and sour. hopefully it produces similar success that you're having.

05/31/08 01:58 PM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
Mine are now 9 months in glass with a silicone stopper. The pellicle is just about gone but I haven't yet tasted.

In September I'll bottle half and put the other half on cherries.

Mike T
06/02/08 09:18 AM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
I recently had my first bottle of a Temptation clone made with the chips. It spent 6 months in a Better Bottle, and now 3 weeks in the bottle (full carbonation with no added yeast). The aroma is pretty awesome, but it doesn’t have much sourness (probably because it was down to around 1.010 before the chips went in), it finished around 1.004. The beer has an assertive wheaty/grainy flavor at first, but that mellows after the first few sips. I won’t make any real assessment of the beer until it has another few months in the bottle.

Looking forward to trying my Cable Car clone that was made with the chips last fall, it was around 1.014 going into secondary so I hope it has a little more oomph to it.

06/02/08 09:52 AM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
Mike T--Sounds like a winner. Thanks for including the carbonation info. I had considered reyeasting my Triple, but your experience will save me from that mistake.

No sourness? Even my starters would get moderately sour in a relatively quick time. The aroma, though, straight RR, no mistaking it.


Al B
06/02/08 09:55 AM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
The flemish red with the chips is incredibly sour (no starter was used)....10 months or so. Two distinct pellicles, slightly acetic.
Mike T
06/02/08 11:10 AM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
I pitched mine from a starter because the chips were pretty old by the time I got them. I attempted to leave the beer sweeter, but the primary yeast was more aggressive than expected and got it really dry.

Al, when did you add the chips? What was the gravity? What sort of fermenter has it been aging in?

Al B
06/02/08 11:37 AM  
Re: Vinnie's Chips
I can't remember exactly - I have it @ home. I think it was June/July/August last year I added them (they were fresh). Gravity was around 1040-1045 I think. Glass fermenter, water was evaporated in the air lock for a bit.
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