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06/09/08 09:28 AM  
Brett C and grape juice?
Was wondering if anybody out in BBB-land has ever experimented with using Brett C. as a primary fermenter in a wine?

I found myself with a bucket of Chilean chardonnay juice, and with a keg with a cake of brett C in the bottom of it (with a SteveG-style Brettliner Weisse on top of it), and I couldn't help myself but to syphon a half gallon of juice into a growler and pull a bit of the cake out of the out-tube and combine them.

I don't know if the brett will make drinkable wine, and don't care, as I bet it will be fun to blend into saisons, wits, flanders reds even if it is too weird on its own.

Now a day later, there is mad fermentation going on, and I thought I'd share the experiment with you all. Let me know your thoughts.

06/09/08 10:33 AM  
Re: Brett C and grape juice?
Well, brett of course is suppose to be the arch enemy of wine but 1. I swear I've had wines people have gone on about that tasted like brett and 2. C. doesn't really taste like brett anyway! I can't think of a single reason to not try such an experiment. Love to hear what happens...
06/09/08 11:32 AM  
Re: Brett C and grape juice?
I'll keep you all up to date on the progress of the project. I filled the growler a bit high, so I poured off maybe 150ml into a covered beaker that is sitting on my kitchen counter with a half inch of foam on top of some very cloudy and yeast-filled grape juice. I just took a whiff, and lots of interesting stuff is going on-- tropical fruits dominate, but there is a bit of feety-ness going on too...
06/09/08 12:35 PM  
Re: Brett C and grape juice?
>> but there is a bit of feety-ness going on too<<

Sounds like a brett wine and provilone cheese pairing waiting to happen!

06/09/08 07:14 PM  
Re: Brett C and grape juice?
Sounds interesting.....maybe I should pick up some chilean grape juice from my LHBS while they still have some, the last bit they have is now on sale....
06/09/08 11:11 PM  
Re: Brett C and grape juice?
well, nevermind, it's all gone!
07/06/08 02:10 PM  
Re: Brett C and grape juice?
Well, I have given the bretty chardonay a taste now that it has been going for a month, and it is very nice. The brett doesn't appear to have the oomph to ferment the juice to dryness, but what I've got is a very nice off-dry chardonnay that is very tropical fruit forward... an almost coconut-y thing going on in the background.

I'm going to blend the bretty variation back into some of the wine that is fermenting under more normal yeasty influences and see how it turns out. Maybe a 1:1 blend that I'll let ferment and settle for a week before hitting it with any sulfites.

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