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Seanywonton (Sean White)
06/23/08 10:37 AM  
Dark Syrup - Post Boil

I was just wondering if anyone has used the dark syrup as a carboy addition as opposed to a boil addition, and if it provides an equivalent effect. I would like to brew something with this, but it may be a while before I'm able to buy some of this. So I was thinking of adding it after the initial fermentation.


06/23/08 10:50 AM  
Re: Dark Syrup - Post Boil
Nope. It looks like you'll be the first to try doing it. It should retain a lot more flavor components that get driven off in the boil.
06/23/08 02:16 PM  
Re: Dark Syrup - Post Boil
I'd added the original dark candi syrup to a belgian strong ale (not golden) to try and drive the color up higher. No issues beyond getting it to dissolve quickly. I added several days into the fermentation. I used a new unopened bottle to reduce likelihood of bacterial contamination.

On occasion, I also add solid sugars to the fermentors for gravity bump for belgian beers and occasionally american strong ales - watch for foaming though due to bubble initiation from the solids. I've read that Duvel used to use this method atleast.

cheers petec

07/03/08 07:27 PM  
Re: Dark Syrup - Post Boil
I read that one of the Wyeast 3787 benefits from incremental feeding, so to my current Dubbel (with SafAle T58) I added (home-made) candi syrup to the carboy at day 3. Since it had just been boiled to 238 I wasn't worried about bacteria, and it kicked up again nicely for a day - the banana aroma blew off, some spicy phenolics came up, and the slight sulfide coming off disappeared too, which may have been due to the sugar addition or the slight aeration from stirring it in.

Bottling this week, I'll update after a little aging and tasting...

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