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06/30/08 12:59 PM  
Struiselensis - bret brux and pedio
So I've never done anything with pedio or bret brux, but I was absolutely floored by this beer this weekend and I want to make something similar. It is a belgian pale and they flat out say they use bret brux and pedio from wyeast right on the bottle.

I had it in a bar or I likely would have tried to get the dregs home to try and grow them, but I am wondering if anyone here has had this beer and what sort of process I'm looking at to make it come out well.

Thanks in advance!

06/30/08 05:46 PM  
Re: Struiselensis - bret brux and pedio
Should be fairly simple. I'd say formulate a simple belgian pale recipe, ferment out with the belgian yeast of your choice (I know De Struise uses dry yeast). Rack to secondary and then pitch a the pedio and brett brux.

It will take some time for both to take effect, and it'll likely get pretty gross before it gets good. Pedio is known to producing a lot of "snot" in the beer. The brett will eventually break it down, but it can take some time. This is what Vinnie and others refer to as the beer being "sick".

BTW, I have some WY Pedio that I will gladly share with you. I only have WL brett brux though, which is different. I have some WY lambicus, but it depends on what you're going for. Just let me know if you need anything from "the bank". ;-)

Oh yeah, you might want to check out the Brewing Network interview with Carlo and Urbain from De Struise a couple months back. It was loaded with information and I know that they discussed this beer for a little while, but don't recall the level of detail they went into. Also, you can contact either of them directly and I know they are extremely open about their recipes and process.

06/30/08 11:03 PM  
Re: Struiselensis - bret brux and pedio
You might not get the "snottiness" tankdeer describes, depending on which strain you get. I've used the WY pedio cerevisiae a couple times and never got the "ropiness". You might get it with the strain labeled just "pediococcus" (not cerevisiae).
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