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07/01/08 10:14 PM  
Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
Hello all,

I am a keen fan of scheldebrou Oesterstout

Hi all,

I really enjoy a Dutch micro stout that is available here called "Oesterstout" by Scheldebrouwerij

It probably best descirbed as a Foriegn Extra stout, 8.5% bottle conditioned.

The label has the ingredients on it:

Brewed with:



caramout 120 EBC

roastmout 900 EBC

Challenger adn Golding Hop


beer is filitered over Zealand oesters...

I have 2 bottles ready to reculture yeast from, and I FG is around 1019-20 and Brix 9.5-9.75

my recipe is:

scheldebrou oesterstout clone

Batch Size (L): 20.00 Wort Size (L): 20.00

Total Grain (kg): 6.38

Anticipated OG: 1.075 Plato: 18.21

Anticipated SRM: 32.2

Anticipated IBU: 25.8

Brewhouse Efficiency: 75 %

Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes

Pre-Boil Amounts


Evaporation Rate: 15.00 Percent Per Hour

Pre-Boil Wort Size: 25.81 L

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.058 SG 14.31 Plato


% Amount Name Origin Potential SRM


89.3 5.70 kg. Weyermann Munich I Germany 1.038 8

7.1 0.46 kg. Weyermann Caramunich II Germany 1.035 63

3.6 0.23 kg. JWM Roasted Malt Australia 1.032 609

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time


21.37 g. Wye Challenger Whole 7.50 21.3 60 min.

7.13 g. Goldings - E.K. Whole 4.75 4.5 15 min.


Recultured from oesterstout bottle

Anyone got anything to add, are my malt selections on the mark, in terms of my traslation from dutch.?

Any input gladly recieved

Al B
07/02/08 08:28 AM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
Unfortunately I missed this beer when I was in Amsterdam in April......looks good. The only thing I can say is that hopefully the yeast is still alive when you reculture it from the bottles. Plan on a back up yeast just in case -

Good luck!

Mike T
07/02/08 11:40 AM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
I have not had the beer, but for something called a stout I would expect more Roast, maybe .4-.5 kg.

How/when are you adding the oysters? How many are you using?

07/02/08 08:53 PM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
Thanks guys, a couple of people have suggested more roast, however its not very roasty, but i will upp it a little.

AS for the oysters, I am just going to get 5 KG from a local oyster bar (not the blue oyster bar..) and run a batch over it prior to the boil.

07/03/08 06:53 PM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
What is the "blue oyster bar?"

In my opinion, don't hang too much on the "roastiness" of a stout, since that was not historically necessary, and only has been added as a requirement by the BJCP and US homebrewers -- twee ingeteelde organisaties.

Het smaak en het mening van jou zijn veel meer belangrijk.

07/03/08 06:59 PM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
one more question:

do you filter the oesteren over their shells (which I think would dramatically influence the pH of the wort)?

How, and why, would one introduce shellfish into the equation?

07/04/08 01:22 AM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij

The blue oyster bar, have you never seen a Police Acadamy movie?

They claim that they flter the beer over zeeland oyster shells, as to whether they actually do this who knows?

they actual oysters are not put in the brew, although I am pretty sure there are recipes out there that do incorporate the slimy bastards into the beer....

07/20/08 08:46 AM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
Just in case anyone wated to know, I had no luck with the oesterstout yeast, so I will soon try a reculture on the weakeast of the schelde beers available here, at 6%
Al B
07/21/08 07:15 AM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
Make sure its as fresh as possible as well to increase your chances. Are you able to acquire a suitable yeast from other sources?

07/21/08 11:35 PM  
Re: Dutch Oesterstout by Scheldebrouwerij
Hi there Al B,

I could, but I suspect there are some house flavours that some from the yeast, that I woudl like to have in my beer.


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