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07/12/08 08:28 AM  
Bret starter procedures?
Gday guys

Just received my pouches of WY bret brux and bret lambicus. I plan on doing a 2 x 6G batch of beer, each fermented with a different bret. I just wanna know how should I go about building up the starter? Will it be OK to pitch each into a 100mL starter, and then step up to a litre (or 2) from there? How large a starter would I need to ferment a 6G batch of 1040 odd wort - I am thinking at least 2L? I will need to leave the starter for a few weeks while I go overseas (in 5 days), so if I can step it up to the required volume before I go, and just leave it for the 5 weeks, that would be good. That way the slurry would be all settled out and ready for me to brew with the day after I get back home.

Basically, I just need to know if I treat it like a sacch. starter, and how large a starter I will need to do. And if I should aerate or not (I will be decanting the spent wort off, and just pitching the slurry).

I have been looking through the archives, and it seems 3-4 weeks is what it takes to build up enough cells, but I cant work out if it is stepped up small increments, or just waiting time for the bugs to chew through a larger starter. Any ideas will be appreciated.

All the best


07/12/08 09:38 AM  
Re: Bret starter procedures?
I've had success with a normal .5L starter, 1.041, with some yeast nutrient, and lots of aeration. Though I pitched 3 vials into it, not one. After a week I pitched the starter into a roughly 1.045, 5.5 gal wort, and fermentation was fast and furious. I'm sure others will have better advice about whether to start small and step it up or just go with one medium/large sized starter... but that's what worked for me.

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