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Bill Bunning
07/14/08 09:10 AM  
Lactic Starter
I'm getting ready to brew a Berliner Weisse and would like to know what procedures the collective uses to step up the Lacto. I plan on using separate Lacto and European Ale cultures and pitching both into the primary fermenter. Any suggestions?
07/14/08 11:24 AM  
Re: Lactic Starter
I built mine up just like I do yeast. 1L of ~1.035 starter wort on a stirplate. It takes a little longer to build up, and it definitely takes longer to flocculate in the fridge. So plan accordingly.

Otherwise, it was pretty straightforward.

Bill Bunning
07/16/08 07:56 AM  
Re: Lactic Starter
The starter has been going now for 2 days and although I don't have a stir plate, it's been kept on my back porch where it probably averages 85-90 degrees (gotta love Florida living). The wort is clear with a powdery sediment forming on the bottom of the flask. No airlock activity, which is as expected, and no foaming either. Since I'm not brewing until Sunday I plan on letting it go a couple more days before cooling. Sound like a plan?
07/16/08 11:03 AM  
Re: Lactic Starter
Give it a whiff, if it smells sour then you're doing good. Mine took several days to settle out in the fridge but sounds like you might have a head start.
Bill Bunning
07/16/08 12:51 PM  
Re: Lactic Starter
I've been reading an old article in Zymurgy (Winter 1996) regarding the Berliner Weisse. One method of producing the beer outlined in the article (used by the Kindl brewery)talks about a split fermentation for primary (half fermented with the Lactic culture and half with the ale yeast) and then combining the two for an extended secondary (8 weeks). The other method outlined has the Lactic culture pitched a few days prior to the ale yeast for primary fermentation. Does anyone know if either of these two procedures are still followed? If so, which one might yield the better beer? I was going to pitch both at the same time in the primary but am now wondering. I have two 3 gallon carboys so I could accomplish any of the three methods.
07/16/08 02:06 PM  
Re: Lactic Starter
Can't say. I pitched both at the same same with about a 3:1 ratio of lacto to ale yeast. It came out very well and it took first in both the comps I entered it in.
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