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Sean White
07/17/08 09:55 AM  
Imperial Wit
Has anyone made an Imperial wit a la Southampton Double White?

Here's the basics of my plan:

OG 1.075 FG 1.013

50% Pils

47% malted wheat (don't have flaked)

3% oats

Dextrose, maybe 1/2 to 1 lb. to dry it

mash 149ish

28 ibus of noble bittering hops

10 gr. coriander

curacao - don't know how much. Any suggestions?

possibly a little fresh zest

Belgian wit yeast



07/17/08 02:01 PM  
Re: Imperial Wit
I made a saison last summer using about 20% oats and 20% wheat and the sparge got interesting. I had a real thin layer of fine gummy solids that rode on top of the grain bed during sparge pretty much clogging it up. had to resort to cutting the grain bed to keep flow going.

the beer was good but I definitely have respect for healthy amounts of oats and wheat in combination.

maybe consider tossing some raw flour into the boil to add some further haze to the beer. Something I recall reading years ago on the HBD.

cheers petec

Seanywonton (Sean White)
07/18/08 10:36 AM  
Re: Imperial Wit
I'll use some rice hulls in the mash.

Really just looking for some feedback especially on the orange additions.


07/18/08 11:31 AM  
Re: Imperial Wit
For wits, I'll use 2 ounces of dried orange peel that I have made. Buy some good oranges, wash them to get rid of any wax, peel (quarter inch squares) and let them dry for a couple days. Then weigh them out and add to the last 10 minutes of the boil.I also add two teaspoons of crushed coriander during the last 10 minutes.Don't buy the coriander at the normal food stores, go to an international food store and find a big jar of the Indian coriander - it's totally different from the normal spice jar crap. Very aromatic and spicy.

For the wheat I would split the amount in half and use half malted and half unmalted wheat for a more accurate wit. You'll have to step mash this starting with a 15 minute protien rest at 122 then go to 135 for 15, then go to 148 for 30, 156 for 30 and finally mash out at 168. And don't forget to use at least 2lbs of rice hulls well mixed into the grain!!

Seanywonton (Sean White)
07/22/08 09:51 PM  
Re: Imperial Wit
Thanks Cisco. I unfortunately think I'll have to go with straight malted wheat the first time, even though it's less authentic. Unless I go to the ethnic food store and hit the bulk bins. But then I could pick up coriander too...
Seanywonton (Sean White)
07/23/08 10:51 AM  
Re: Imperial Wit
Whole raw wheat can be gelatinized at normal mash temps right? Any reason I can't just get away with a 90 minute rest at 149, followed by a mash out?

Also: 2lb. of rice hulls? What are you making 20 gallons of beer? ;-) Usually I've found .5 lb per 5 gallons was plenty.

07/23/08 11:43 AM  
Re: Imperial Wit
You can get away with a single step mash, especially if you're using malted wheat but be prepared for a very thick mash occurring because of the high protein content. You'll have to stir quite bit. I use 2lbs of rice hulls for a 10 gallon batch when half of my grain is wheat, especially unmalted wheat. The amount also depends on the shape of your mash tun. Taller mash tuns cause more weight on the grain bed and require more rice hulls to compensate and lighten the overall weight so compaction is less likely.
Seanywonton (Sean White)
07/23/08 03:02 PM  
Re: Imperial Wit
Alright, thanks. Going to brew it up on Sunday hopefully.


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