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07/17/08 05:20 PM  
funky wit

i split a batch of wit into two carboys and after a week i added dregs from various russian river beers to one. its been a couple of months and so far it seems to smell great and tastes pretty decent. lots of beatification like sourness which i love. im wondering what i should do with this. should i bottle when i get the gravity down as close to 1.000 as i can (assuming it continues to drop fairly quickly) or should i plan on letting it sit here for a year or more? i dont want any bottle bombs, but im really looking forward to drinking this stuff. so much so that im going to do another batch and make either a sour cherry wit or sour watermelon wit.

07/17/08 09:00 PM  
Re: funky wit
If it's good now and any pellicle/ropiness has cleared up, AND it's done attenuating, you're probably safe to bottle. What is the SG at?
07/17/08 10:17 PM  
Re: funky wit
its at 1.016 or so. i havent seen a pellicle or any ropiness yet so i should wait til that shows up? im surprised at how fast this started tasting/smelling good. ive got very limited experience with sour/funky stuff so far. one peach lambic type thing thats been going for close to a year is barely starting to form a pellicle and a mo betta clone and an ipa that i added brett to back in april and bottled today. im doing another sour wit tomorrow and want to try a sour watermelon wheat soon. plus funky saison etc.
07/17/08 11:48 PM  
Re: funky wit
What was the OG on that? 1.016 is pretty high for a funky beer. Especially one with RR dregs in it. I would wait it out. I've been playing with the same bugs and have known it to go through stages. A couple weeks after pitching it tasted great. Then it tasted like diacetyle. Now it looks like somebody blew their nose in it.

You may not get a pellicle or any ropiness, but it wont surprise with with Vinnie's bugs. I would let it sit at minimum 6 months, preferably much longer. And watch that FGY as it's likely to keep dropping.

07/18/08 12:25 AM  
Re: funky wit
Depending on how far the pH has dropped, that might be as far as it goes. I've had some stop at 1.012 to 1.014.

Persoanlly, I would let it sit maybe another month or two and check gravity again, if its stable, then feel free to package.

Also, if you are bottling versus kegging, can make a difference. Also, if you will serve right away or age it a while, can impact it too.


07/18/08 09:23 PM  
Re: funky wit
i think ill let it sit a good while. i did another wit today and another half is going to be set aside for rr bugs. should i wait to pitch them til the gravity is lower? i may add cherries to this one. any suggestions on when? i was thinking either add to secondary then bugs or should i add the dregs first or at the same time or does it matter?

i kinda figured i would have a long wait with these but after tasting it the other day i thought i might get lucky and have something sour to drink sooner rather than later. ill check the first batch in a month or two.

i'll most likely bottle this as everytime i keg something theres some sort of alert that goes out to my friends and people decide to come over and "help" me drain a keg. plus id like to see how these age.

i think i'll start buying more carboys and/or buckets and just get a bunch of funky stuff going.

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