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07/18/08 12:44 PM  
Hoppy Tripel
Howdy all,

My wife and I both like belgian beers but she also likes hoppy beers (DFH 60 minute). I would like to hybrid a hoppy belgian with not just a hop presence but noticeable hop flavor and aroma. We like Bell’s Two-Hearted which uses all Centennial (from BYO recipe)

My thinking is along the lines of a basic tripel with basic APA/IPA hop charges. I’m not sure how the hop flavors and aromas would mesh with the yeast profile or what the level of dryness from the sugar would do. Any suggestions on bittering aroma and flavoring IBUs/total IBU’s

OG 1.080

IBUs ???

85% bel pils

10% sucrose

5% Caraviene 20L

Repitched WLP530

Ferment @ 66F

Centennial 60, 45, 20, 10, 0 min ???

Mash 1.5qts/gal @ 149F


07/18/08 01:03 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
I'd go on the high end of amounts for the flavor and aroma hops. I've done a number of belgians with american hops and the yeast flavors always dominate making it hard to really get the hops. A couple of years ago I did my standard IPA recipe but switched the yeast from 1056 to WY 3522 (Ardennes/Achouffe) and I was definitly dissapointed. The normal IPA has a strong hop punch and it was virtually non-existent in the 3522 version. Also I suggest dry hops, I dry hopped a saison not too long ago with a couple of oz's of simcoe, and the result in the bottle now is delightful.
07/18/08 01:16 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
There are several breweries doing this now both in Belgium and here in the US. As Ben mentioned I think the key is to go very heavy on the hops to get it to balance with the Belgian yeast.

If you haven't had it, the Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel is a very good example of almost exactly what you're describing.



07/18/08 01:34 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
I just started drinking a hoppy trippel that I bottled in early June.

It was hopped to about 38 IBU and dry hopped with a half oz. of whole leaf Amarillo (variant of MikeT's recipe). I think it could be hoppier.


07/18/08 01:48 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
There is a brett fermented (not 100%) belgian IPA made between TommeA at LostAbbey and a belgian brewery which is about 1.076 and maybe 60ish IBUs. Not sure if the sac strain they also used was belgian or american. Tomme may give up the detail if you ask nicely.

It was just released and is quite nice. I think it was dryhopped also.

cheers pete

07/18/08 05:26 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
Pete, are you talking about Isabelle Proximus? If so, that was actually a collaboration of much more than just Tomme....

It was actually a collboration between Tomme, Vinnie C, Sam Calagione, Rob Todd, and Adam Avery. I'm actually very jealous that you had some of this. Lost Abbey is local to me and even I didn't get any. :-(

(I'm really hoping the new Toronado will get some bottles)

07/18/08 06:06 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
Nope. Something like 'signature ale' or soemthing like that. DeProef might have been the collaboration part. They are also doing a couple other ones with Vinny for next yr I think I read and maybe RobTodd for later this fall.

I think Issabelle is not a belgian brett IPA either.


ps. I'm hoping the Toronado up here will get some. I haven't been there in a few weeks so maybe I can check next week.

07/19/08 12:21 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
You are right about the DeProef Signature though. For some reason I was thinking something brand new. And yes, to my knowledge the Issabelle does not have an IPA level of hoppiness. Funny, 1/2 the stuff Tomme puts out is so limited I never get to try it. I've had more of Vinnie's sours than Tomme's.

So I take it you are in SF? Our Toronado is coming along. It's much, uh, "fancier" than the original locale? I guess by which I mean cleaner. But so far it's very nice. I've only bee there twice but I think I'm liking it. Try and harass Dave Keene about it. I'm sure plenty of people already are, but I also know him and Tomme are close, so that may help.

07/19/08 11:25 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
I'm really looking forward to trying that DeProef beer, it's making it to NYC very soon.

I haven't been able to have many good instances of very hoppy Belgian beers -- many are in green bottles and are very very skunky. The Alvinne brewery has a couple exceptional hoppy beers -- any other recommendations?

07/19/08 11:52 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
Brasserie Thiriez Extra, Urthel Hop-It, De La Senne Taras Boulba, De Ranke XX Bitter, La Rulles Estivale, The Chouffe houblon tripel-ipa that tank mentioned.
07/19/08 11:55 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
To that back into homebrewing (I know steve's likes commercial beer talk over on the other side)....those are all beers you might want to taste in order to give you an idea of the hoppy belgian ipa kinda stuff, not that all of those are marketed as belgian ipa's....
07/19/08 11:56 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
Some inspiration for your homebrew that is.
07/20/08 08:48 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
DOnt forget Van Steengberg's Piraat
07/20/08 02:51 PM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
Best hoppy belgian that I've had is the new Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor. I brought one back in May but I think it is in the states now.
Mike T
07/22/08 09:45 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
“It was hopped to about 38 IBU and dry hopped with a half oz. of whole leaf Amarillo (variant of MikeT's recipe). I think it could be hoppier”

Are you saying you’d want more hop aroma or more hop bitterness?

I like my batch more and more as it continues to dry out in the bottle, at first it was much too sweet. At 6 months in has a good balance of fruity/spicy flavor from the hops and yeast, too much longer though and it will probably start tasting like a regular tripel.

07/25/08 09:24 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel

Hop Update - LBHS was out of Centennial so I'm into my stash: (still looking at 50-60 ibu)

Glacier 1oz

Liberty 2oz

Sterling 2oz

Any suggestions for which hops to use for what addition

Bitter, flavor, aroma, dry hop?



07/25/08 10:24 AM  
Re: Hoppy Tripel
Sterling is nice for finishing type stuff. I have a theory (which is probably total rubbish) that Sterling tastes even more like Saaz once it gets a bit oxidized. Anyway I've noticed that Sterling hop aroma seems to keep a little better (or even change in a positive way) vs Styrian, for me.
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