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tripel beam
07/21/08 01:12 AM  
? beer styles ?
My soon-to-be brother in law and I have been arguing over a few "styles" of beer. I wanted to defer to some brewers who could help us settle some disputes:

-What style of beer is "Dead Guy Ale"?

-Is Wit beer and Beer Blanche the same thing? What are the charecteristics of its/their style?

-What is the country of origin of Hennepin?

07/21/08 05:13 AM  
Re: ? beer styles ?
From the Rogue site: "Dead Guy is a German-style Maibock made with Rogues proprietary "PacMan" ale yeast."

Not sure about the blanche/wit thing, although I'm willing to bet they're the same thing... "Blanche de Bruxelles" is a wit...

Hennepin is made by ommegang in cooperstown, NY

07/21/08 08:12 AM  
Re: ? beer styles ?
Blanche being the french feminine form for "white" and white beers being generally equivalent to wheat beers, I'd say thats a good bet.

07/21/08 11:24 AM  
Re: ? beer styles ?
Dead Guy is advertised as a Maibock, but the fact that it's made with an ale yeast kinda contradicts this. I haven't had too many traditional Maibocks, but it's also too dark and too hoppy for a traditional Maibock.
07/21/08 01:37 PM  
Re: ? beer styles ?
Yes, "Wit" and "Blanche" are just the Flemish and French words for "White", respectively, and they describe the same Belgian style in that bi-lingual country.

Witbier / Biere Blanche is a style of ale made with both raw and malted wheat and traditionally spiced with coriander and curacao orange peel. There are other variations on grain and spices, but that's the basic gist of it.

Hennepin is a Belgian-style beer made in America, generally considered to be a spiced version of the Saison style.

tripel beam
08/05/08 01:27 AM  
Re: ? beer styles ?
Thanks guys.
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