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07/29/08 11:20 PM  
pellicle care?
I've got a lambic type "thing" that's got a pellicle after nearly 10 months in the carboy. its not very thick, but seems to have come outta nowhere and covers the whole top of the beer. I had the thing out on my counter, mixing with a wit on tap (yummy stuff actually) and I left it because the pellicle started forming and I wanted to keep an eye on its progress. now I need it back where it came from and I'm wondering if its ok to move this? will the pellicle reform? or best to leave it here for the duration? and how will I know when the beer is ready? will the pellicle go away?
07/30/08 11:25 AM  
Re: pellicle care?
Yes, it wil reform. I recently moved and had to move four carboys of lambics. All of the pellicles fell, but have since reformed. It's only been a month, so they regroup pretty quickly.

07/30/08 05:44 PM  
Re: pellicle care?
I've never let a sour beer sit until the pellicle just fell from old age. I'll usually wait for gravity stabilization for several months and then if I like the flavor, package it up.


Brian Richards
07/31/08 02:03 AM  
Re: pellicle care?
I had to move about a year and a half ago and I had 3 flanders reds going so I gently carried them out to my car and put the seatbelt around them, (like this was going to help any) and drove them across town at about 5mph. I disturbed the pellicle quite a bit but they reformed in no time. Just bottled one of them last week and it tastes great. They'll be O.K.
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