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Jeff S
08/10/08 10:46 AM  
How to add cherries?
So I've got a Flemish Red that's been sitting in a primary bucket since May 08 on the Roeselare blend. I'd like to add sour cherries (sour not sweet, right?) to it to make a Kriek. From what I've read, about 1 lb per gallon. That said:

How do I add them? I'll leave the pits in, but do I need to freeze them first? blanch them? Can I just put them in the primary (which is probably the easiest for me)? How long do I leave the beer in contact with the cherries, etc?

Thanks for any words of wisdom,


08/10/08 12:31 PM  
Re: How to add cherries?
I think it depends on if you want to make use of the wild yeasts on the skins of the fruit.

Since I only really use fruit in various wild beers, and pick grapes/plums/cherries from unsprayed trees and plants, I generally just rack a beer directly onto the quantity of fruit, leave it there for 6-8 months, then age for ~6 more months in the bottles; with no cooking or freezing. I have also only ever tried this in 2 or 3 year old lambics, and have never tried a Vlaanderen red -- aging time for that would probably be different.

The 1 lb/gallon ratio will probably work well. In last year's "plum-beak," I used 2 lbs/gallon, but am planning on cutting that back to 1 pound this year.


Jeff S
08/10/08 08:45 PM  
Re: How to add cherries?
Thanks Mark.
08/11/08 09:18 AM  
Re: How to add cherries?
I like picking my own, freezing then thawing them to make pie. There will be a cup or two of really tasty jiuce in the freezer bag, that's what I add. Always loved the results, plus you get pie.
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