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08/12/08 12:40 PM  
Berliner boils and DMS
So, it just struck me as I was coming home from the brew shop with ingredients for a new batch of Berliner Weiss, that this is a style that should be a real DMS hazard... but the first batch I brewed wasn't.

The 20 minute boil and the very light grain should have kicked out lots of the stuff... Does DMS dissipate in 20 minutes? Was I lucky? Is that the reason that it a traditionally no-boil beer?

08/12/08 01:23 PM  
Re: Berliner boils and DMS
My feeling, based on looking at some of the great historical stuff reason Ron Pattinson has posted on Berliners, is that the reason for traditionally avoiding a boil (in fact, avoiding temps much over 170) is to keep alive the thermophilic lactic bacteria that naturally occur on the malt. BTW from a more modern POV these bacteria are good candidates for clean souring--they tend to homofermentive lactobacillus. And I think it was tankdeer who had good results recently with this kind of procedure.

As for DMS... I agree that's an interesting question. In theory 20 minutes of boiling doesn't sound good (half life of the DMS precursor in a 212F boil is 40 minutes).

08/14/08 09:33 PM  
Re: Berliner boils and DMS
I'm currently drinking some of my most recent Berliner. No boil whatsoever, just ranoff 15 gallons into the kettle, chilled it, and tossed a small amount of sacc and a few handfuls of uncracked pils into each fermenter.

I don't get anything out of it that would make me think DMS. I've never experienced it before, so it's not something I'd just pick out, but definitely nothing sticking out other than sourness.

Mike T
08/18/08 09:26 AM  
Re: Berliner boils and DMS
As far as I have read, DMS is dissipated much better in an ale fermentation than in a lager fermentation. This is why it is much more common to hear about DMS in a pilsner than in a Tripel. My no-boil Berliner went through a period where is had a bit of a raw grain finish, but after a couple months in the bottle it is very clean and tasty.
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