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08/22/08 05:00 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe
So true, korndog.

Al, the infection we battled was associated with visible growth of colonies at the beer-air interface in the bottles, some DMS, slight sourness, and most importantly an astringent numbing/coating phenolic flavor. Unpleasant just to think about.

We noticed that it was absent from batches in which we used dry yeast rather than propped up liquid, so we went to dry yeast exclusively for a while to see if that took care of it. It did not--infections were noticably less common but still present once in a while. We then went to CIPing the counterflow with a pump and a "real" CIP regimen... infections have not appeared since then (many many batches).

How some people get away with just flushing their CF with boiling water after brewing, I don't understand.

Al B
08/22/08 05:14 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe
Ah, my first impulse was to site the CF chiller, but I use the immersion so I didn't want to jump the gun. Pumps are a big "nook & cranny" device. After breaking down my salt-water aquarium, I can't get over how bad those pumps got with bio-films and scaling.

flmabe thread is goin' strong. Crap. I'm catchin' an early buzz - MTC, nice Saison ya sent me! Spicy.

08/22/08 05:21 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe

for what its worth, my autoclaving bottles is less about being anally clean (is that actually possible???? see "farticles") than it is about saving time....

08/22/08 05:53 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe
For that matter, so is the baking. Also I don't like racking the beer more than necessary, and bottle priming allows bottling directly out of primary.
08/22/08 06:02 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe
BTW I don't actually pump wort around. I run the most minimal of minimal apartment brewing setups. I just use a little pump to run PBW thru the chiller to clean. Got a good deal (like, 10 bucks) on ebay for a tiny march pump.
08/22/08 06:22 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe
I've been thinking of using a CF chiller because my well is a low yielding one. I contacted Mr. Blichmann who stated that autoclaving the chiller his fine; as long as the chiller isn't one of their older models.

The idea that seems to work very well for pumps and valves is to start recirculating the wort (using the pump) about 20 minutes or so before flame out.

09/10/08 05:17 PM  
Re: Keg Flambe

I just flambe`d my beergun. Any idea if the seal at the tip will sanitize? It's rubber I guess.


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