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08/28/08 02:37 PM  
ferment in cornies
Does anyone secondary in corny kegs? Is there a reason not to? To me it seems to make sense as the steel won't break if it gets jostled like a carboy on the concrete floor might, it seems less likely to get too acetic because you can purge with CO2 and keep out the oxygen, it seems with a short picnic tap it would be easier to sample than taking samples out of carboys or better bottles, and you can stack them....The negative I can see is that you can't really look at the beer. I am using all better bottles now for my secondary, but am I missing something that would make the carboy idea not so appealing an option?
08/28/08 02:39 PM  
Re: ferment in cornies
I've done secondary in cornies when I run out of glass fermentors. I usually take one of the QDs of its post and just cover the small hole with foil.


08/28/08 02:41 PM  
Re: ferment in cornies
I do not secondary probably 90%+ of my beers. The only ones that do get a secondary are wild beers usually. Those that have no "official" secondary go straight into a keg, and wait for space in the kegerator. So you could say that it almost acts as a secondary.

Either way, there is no problem with treating a keg as a secondary. They work especially well since as you said, they are durable, keep light out, and can utilize a closed transfer to another keg if needed.

08/28/08 03:19 PM  
Re: ferment in cornies
They are great as secondaries. You can cut the dip tube a bit shorter and serve right out of them or you can do oxygen free transfer into a serving keg.
08/28/08 09:44 PM  
Re: ferment in cornies
Great. I usually don't secondary either except the sour beers that I primary with a "normal" yeast. I have some extra kegs that aren't being used so for my next couple brews, I'll just add the bugs in the kegs.

for those that serve from a keg, is there any worry about the gas line getting contaminated? I understand that the beer side would likely be an issue, but is there a worry in purging the "sour kegs" with a gas line normally used for clean beers?

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