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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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09/02/08 02:06 AM  
Sometimes Patience is a Virtue
Well after adding some oak to my Sour, Wyeast Roeselare blend in March (OG 1.060, FG 1.012), I finally got around to doing some transferring today.

The beer was added to the 14 gallon Milk Jug in July 2004 and it has been aging peacefully since. There was a nice, powdery, pellicle that completely covered the top of the beer. I drained out 5 gallons of the beer to be bottled straight in the next couple days, plus I put 2.5 gallons of the beer into another carboy with 1 quart of Sour Cherry concentrate and 3 quarts of water + some dried Safale 05 or 56 (whatever it is called), lastly I added 5 gallons of 12% abv, two year old Quad to the approximately 4 gallons of sour beer left (including the oak boy), which I will age until it becomes stable.

The straight sour beer is so absolutely incredible; smooth, refined, with a hint of oak that only adds to the complexity without being overtly noticeable, but nicely tart with lots of aged malt and caramelized character.

I am incredibly excited about both the base beer and my blending beers. If I had to guess, I would say this is a cross between the refined character of a Rodenbach Grand Cru and the brash, complexity of La Folie.

Sorry, about the post, but I just had to post about my hopes and dreams for this four year old project.

09/02/08 02:14 AM  
The Recipe
The recipe if anyone is interested

Volume = ~11.5 gal

47.0% Dingeman's Pils Malt

37.7% Weyerman Munich

4.3% Dingeman's Biscuit Malt

0.9% Dingeman's Special B

9.9% Caramunich Malt

0.2% Roasted Barley


QTY Hop Variety Type %AA Boil time IBU

2.6oz Aged Tettnanger 0.5% 90min 2.0

1oz Northern Brewer 7.5% 90min 11.5

Infusion Mash at 156*F

Primary Ferment with Nottingham dry add Roeselaere bugs after 18 days and age for 3 years and 8 months add 1 oak boy. Start to blend 5 months later.

09/02/08 02:19 AM  
Re: Sometimes Patience is a Virtue
Oh yeah I also added Wyeast Brett Lambicus & Lacto Delbruki about a month or so after adding the Roeselare blend.
09/02/08 10:02 AM  
Re: Sometimes Patience is a Virtue
I'm falling in love with my blend of FRed and RIS, I think you'll really like your quad/red blend. I have 3.75 more gallons of soured red that I plan on blending into another strong dark beer in the months to come. The other half of the red I have is going to get blended with a an all-brett saison and a wheat wine with brett to make a sort of soured bier de garde. I love blending experiments! Let us know how you're blend tastes after you bottle or keg it.
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