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09/02/08 08:15 PM  
Need advice on a brew using Ommegeddon dregs
Hi there. This is my first post at the Babble Belt. I've been lurking for a long time but I'm having a problem I hope you (the experts!) can help me with. I recently tried my hand at yeast harvesting & Iím experiencing mixed results. I posted the same question over at Ratebeer but thought it was more likely that someone had tried the same thing over here.

I harvested yeast from a bottle of Batch 1 Ommegeddon. Over a week I stepped it up to 2 quarts. I pitched that into 5 gallons of 1.068 wort (all grain, if that helps you diagnose). Fermentation started within 6 or so hours.

I kept it in my basement, around 70 degrees for 48 hours. After that it stayed around 80 for 7 more days. Today I went to rack to secondary & discovered that the SG had only dropped to 1.04.

It tastes good (obviously quite sweet) but it needs to go wayyyy further. Should I give it a few more days to see what happens with the current yeast or should I go to my LHBS tomorrow & grab a commercial yeast to finish the job? I've already cranked the temp up a bit to see what happens, but I'm kinda desperate for advice right now.



09/02/08 09:40 PM  
Re: Need advice on a brew using Ommegeddon dregs
While I haven't tried to culture Brett to serve as the primary fermenter, it seems that you probably did not pitch enough brettanomyces. From what other have shared on this forum I'd expect more then one week required to build up a workable starter for an all Brett beer. As a seconadry finishing agent, it would probably suffice.

If really concerned, I'd add some fresh Sacch to work the beer out then add more Brett to add some funk before bottling.

Seanywonton (Sean White)
09/03/08 08:31 AM  
Re: Need advice on a brew using Ommegeddon dregs
Save the Omegeddon dregs for secondary or bottling time, because the regular yeast in there is not in good condition now. The brett should be fine though. If you want to use Ommegang yeast as a primary fermentor, culture it up from fresh bottle of their Witte or Rare Vos, on the lower end of their gravity range. The yeast will be in much better condition and should be ready to pitch within a few steps.

I've used their yeast before and I like it.

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