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10/23/08 04:02 PM  
Containated Barleywine
Hey guys. I just pulled a sample of a Barleywine I brewed last month and it unfortunately is toast. Lots of good ingredients and work went into this damn beer. I took a picture of the surface. Any idea if this is part of the infection? Has the same smell as a Pedio culture. Kinda like buttermilk, Diacetyl etc. Tastes like sour hop juice.


Al B
10/23/08 04:56 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
Yeah, that looks and sounds like the work of Pedio. Pedio is not really affected by high alcohol/hops like Lacto. The surface slime is a by-product of Pedio.

Al Bacteria

10/24/08 10:11 AM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
Add brett!
10/24/08 11:49 AM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
Thanks guys - Yes, I was planning on adding Brett. Any thoughts as to what I should add for this style? I was thinking about some Brett and oak. What strain might work here?
Al B
10/24/08 02:50 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
Korndog -

That's a matter of preferrence. I would think clausenii or lambicus will do well, or you can add Fantome brett that I will be sending you (Monday) for your generous donation for the bugfarm.

10/25/08 10:29 AM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
Awesome. Thanks Al.
10/27/08 05:11 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
>>Any thoughts as to what I should add for this style?<<

Korndog - what style? If you mean just barley wine and style is a concern then I'm not so sure wild bacteria really needs to be in there.

Also, I do have a BW that I added some brett C to cause I know as a finisher it will do little if anything. That was quite a while ago, it doesn't seem to have dome anything - including reducing the gravity a bit.

10/28/08 11:13 AM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
<<Also, I do have a BW that I added some brett C to cause I know as a finisher it will do little if anything. That was quite a while ago, it doesn't seem to have dome anything - including reducing the gravity a bit.>>

Same here. I did a BW back in spring, I bottled 4 gallons plain and then took one and racked it to a 1 gallon jug with some oak and brett C. I checked it about a month ago and it's tasty, oakey, but zero brett character.

I was hoping for a subtle funk in there and got nothing. I think I'm going to say the hell with it and pitch some Orval dregs in there. Get some real funk going! : D

10/28/08 01:01 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
I was hoping more for an extraterrestrial fruit profile, BC isn't something I've ever seen produce lots of funk. But alas....
10/28/08 01:28 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine

I wasn't clearin my post. I didn't exactly mean "to style" since it appears to have been contaminated with Pediocauccus already. I meant with a beer with an OG of 1.11 and hop profile to match, what would best work to make something tasty given the course this beer has taken. The Brett concept was primarily for reduction in the diacetyl component that is strongly evident. I was thinking that perhaps Peter Heering soaked oak might be interesting.

10/28/08 02:10 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
Mr. korn - may I ask what you're current gravity is? Know exactly what we have gravity-wise to work with can be a deciding factor.
10/28/08 02:15 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
If it were me, I would probably pitch some Lambicus
10/28/08 08:29 PM  
Re: Containated Barleywine
The beer is at 1.020
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