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Dave I
11/09/08 08:27 PM  
Scotch for Belgian Beer Drinkers
File this one under "just curious," however I am really interested. For those of you who like the unorthodox (which I am assuming is most anybody who reads this board), what kinds of Scotch Whisky do you like to drink? This is both to satisfy my urge to know what others with similar taste in beer like in spirits, with Scotch being my thing as of late, as well as to get a list of kinds of Scotch to check out.

For me, in no particular order:

Balvenie. I am poor at the moment, so their 10 year is the go-to scotch, but I like most any of their selection.

Laphroig. The must unsubtle Scotch that is out there. Camp fire in a bottle.

Ardbeg. A milder Islay, but quickly growing on me. I REALLY like this.

Lagavulin. Almost through my first bottle. Probably the highest rated Scotch I have ever tried.


11/10/08 11:19 AM  
Re: Scotch for Belgian Beer Drinkers
I have a bottle of chivas regal 21 year salute from the 60's sitting around in my beer cellar... got it from work. Haven't opened it though, not a big scotch drinker or anything.
11/10/08 11:44 AM  
Re: Scotch for Belgian Beer Drinkers
This is definately a topic for the other board, we keep this one to home production.
Dave I
11/10/08 12:08 PM  
Re: Scotch for Belgian Beer Drinkers
Sorry about that Steve. Feel free to delete this thread then.


11/10/08 04:39 PM  
Re: Scotch for Belgian Beer Drinkers
No prob Dave, no need for extreme measures. Migrate over though, I'll have some comments...
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