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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Author Replies
05/18/09 11:48 AM  
What'a everyone brewing?
Hey guys, I haven't seen much activity here lately, so I just thought I'd ask: What's everyone brewing?

I just did a robust porter which should be very hoppy and towards the bigger end of the style. I also have that all-B.Brux session beer that was brewed about 2 weeks ago. And an oak-aged barleywine that's going to get bottled soon.

Brew Strong!


Al B
05/18/09 12:14 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
A 100% brett beer called.......the Dirty Dozen.....12 different brett isolates (both commercial + recultured).

Perhaps blanche lambic or "wambic" by Elmer Funk.

Rob B
05/18/09 12:38 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Our club just filled a bourbon barrel with 53 gals of FrankenPorter. I will be bottling my brett pale ale next week and since my wife and kid are visiting the in-laws for 10days I plan on brewing the following...

DIPA/XPA parti-gyle


Two hearted inspired IPA

Farmhouse Saison

Flander's Pale Ale with Al's recent bugs

05/18/09 12:53 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
im waiting on 3 saisons to get done fermenting then im doing a wit next. 5 gallons to bottle and 10 to sour up. i really like "wambic" a lot more than the lame lamwit ive been calling it.

just bottled some all brett beer this weekend (half with cherries and half plain, bottled the last 5 gal of a sour watermelon beer and also bottled a hefe that went nicely wrong somehow. tastes like i pitched brett instead of the hefe yeast. still not sure what happened but its kinda yummy. i kegged 5 gal of it a month or so ago.

after that some sort of flanders beer with Al's roselare blend. and a strong golden.

today im adding raspberries to a sour stout, pineapple to a lambic (ive been called names over that one and the watermelon beer!) and raspberries to a wit thats had bugs added to it a while ago. adding peaches and raspberries to a mead too.

05/18/09 02:28 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I'm new here and haven't posted anything yet so this seems like a good place to start.

In Secondary:

Stille Nacht inspired Belgian Barleywine with "infected" oak.

Les Fleurs du Mal - 7% ABV hoppy belgian

Up Next:

Strong sour red

Les Framboises du Mal - rasberry version of Fleurs du Mal

Chris Kennedy
05/18/09 04:54 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I am brewing a funky Saison sometime this week or next, probably start with some brett and add some sour beers to the secondary to get some tartness going on.

I have 30gallons of sours fermenting right now. 10gal of Oud Bruin, 5gal of Flanders Red, 5gal of Lambic, and 10gal of Berliner Weiss.

05/18/09 06:50 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I'll be making my Halloween beer, Jonestown--a Belgian Dark Strong, tomorrow. A Saison next weekend that will see fantome brett at bottling, and a black sour with Al's Rodenbug blend that will eventually see cherries. I have an all brett c pale fermenting, as well as two saisons, one with lacto, that will each be bottled with brett c. Just bottled an oak aged triple, too. Anyone coming out to Oakland for the NHC to help me drink this stuff?

05/18/09 09:55 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
The last ambient fermentation of the year . . . a 5-gallon pLambic, naturally. Not until tomorrow, though.
05/18/09 10:06 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I'm planning on a dubbel with a munich base and D2 candi syrup, split between 3 carboys with three yeasts. Then 60 gallons of sour red followed by 60 gallons of pilsner to ferment and age in wine barrels. That should keep me busy for the next month at least.
Caped Brewsader
05/19/09 04:04 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Just did an all Munich IPA and am gearing up for a pils/pale/munich 100% Brett brew
05/19/09 10:04 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
MTC, I'll be out in Oakland for NHC. Not sure if I can find a way to get beer out there, but I will try. I'd love to try some more of your beers.

Oh yeah...I know this is a long shot, but it's worth mentioning. If anyone from the NY region is planning on driving out to NHC, I'd love to ship a keg of beer out with you to serve at NHC. I'll be flying out. I know it's not likely, but just thought I'd mention it!

05/19/09 10:27 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I just brewed an all Brett C. and amarillio beer that has done some interesting things during the first 10 days of fermentation, but smells really good right now. (smelled like campbells veggie soup as of Friday)

Im brewing my hefe this weekend, nothing special just a great beer.

I am also going to try a hoppy saison (amarillio and cluster) which I may add brett to at bottling

I have to bottle my berliner weisse and I have 5 gallons of a belgian stout with 3# of cherries and brett c and cuvee de tomme dregs. The cherries floating on top have small white circular growths at first I thought mold but the don't look like it could this be a formation of a pellicle? I have never seen one on top of fruit.

Rob B
05/19/09 11:16 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
MTC, I will be attending the conference in Oakland also! My brett pale ale should be ready by then, will bring a few bottles.

JeffB, my bdsa with cherries and brett never formed a pellicle but my cherries did float. I know mold can occassionally form on floating fruit, I had a mead that did this.

Mike T
05/19/09 11:33 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?

Pluot Flanders Pale


Sour Honey Wheat

Butternut Squash Sour


Hair of the Dog Adam clone (I freeze concentrated part of the batch to make a ~20% beer)

~1.050 pale Belgian with lemon zest and black pepper

Brewing soon:

Smoked Doppelsticke for a group bourbon barrel (after we bottle the wee heavy)

This weekend Iíll probably do a smaller beer to prop the yeast for it, any great ideas? If not Iíll probably end up doing something along the lines of an alt.

05/19/09 12:06 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
long time reader, occasional poster.

belgian tripel, homemade invert golden syrup, half (to be) infected with Phantome. Brett is several months old, should I proof it?

in the coming weeks, belgian wit, with local tartan (black) cherries, not quite ripe yet.

I'm in SF, unfortunately still on the fence for NHC :(

05/19/09 12:15 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Dan and I have a Kellerbier in primary right now and are thinking about doing a Berliner Weisse over the long weekend. Then maybe a light rauch lager ala Schlenkerla's Lager.

Hey Tim, what was the grainbill for your "Stille Nacht inspired Belgian Barleywine with "infected" oak?" I'm thinking about making a Stille Nacht base and adding Brett lambicus to add some cherry notes for our Christmas beer this year.



05/19/09 12:33 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Joelle, keep in mind that part of the Stille Nacht thing, in fact a big part, is how staggeringly high in terminal gravity it is. Give lambicus some time, it will see to it that aspect of your clone is short-lived.
05/19/09 12:42 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Yeah, I realize it has a pretty high FG. My thought was to put it in a keg and keep it around 40F once it gets to where I want it. Think that would slow it down subtantially? I recall that Peter Bouckaert said he used to give Chris yeast from Rodenbach back in the old days when the Stille Nacht had the original sweet/tart flavor. Wonder how he got it to stop? Were Jeremy's exploding bottles before or after the change in yeast? I'm thinking after.


05/19/09 02:01 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Joelle, I used 80% pale malt (mostly Dingemans with some MO because the homebrew store ran out of the Belgian malt) and 20% sugar (1/2 invert white, 1/2 brown sugar). Those percentages are by extract, not weight. It fermented from 1.105 down to a measured 1.010, so that means 1.026 real and 12.7 ABV. I bottled the clean portion which is a fair approximation of the real thing. Not as sweet and with an unfortunate big alcohol burn at the end.

I re-yeasted at bottling and it has been slow to carbonate so I think I've hit the limit of the yeast's alcohol tolerance.

05/19/09 02:01 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Wow, it's great to see so much brewing going on! Joelle, I made a smoked light lager inspired by Schlenkerla. Let me know if you'd like to check out the recipe.
05/19/09 02:04 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Joelle, Dan,

Do you have a brew log (recipe / procedures) for your kellerbier? There seems to be little specific info. w/ a quick google search. I had New Glarus Yokel the last time I was in the WI (some time ago), and really loved it. Not typically a lager brewer, but have often thought I would like to try this style.

05/19/09 02:29 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Darren, here are the notes from Rick Garvin who is a BURP member who won a bronze with his in the experimental category at the NHC in 2005. This time we changed ours up just a little bit using 1 oz Saaz (FWH) and Magnum (90 min) to get the 45 IBUs. We also mashed with 1.25 quarts water per pound which was a bit different from his. Otherwise we left the recipe the same.


The Franconian Kellerbier that Christine and I make is a distinct historical style brewed by more than 100 breweries in the Northern Bavarian region of Franconia. It is not just any style of lager served with yeast like a Keller Pils, Keller Helles or Keller Bock. Dirty little secret: you are more likely to find Kellerbier in Bamberg than Rauchbier.

The color of Kellerbier runs from a relatively pale beer such as St. Georgen Brau or Lowenbrau from Buttenheim to the more frequently seen light-medium amber such as that Mahrs' Ungespundet-hefetrub. This is usually served Ungespundet (unbunged) by gravity with low-medium carbonation. Our version is towards the St. Georgen lighter end of the spectrum. The darker versions are sometimes called a Vollbier, which in Franconia is a red/amber Kellerbier. This is an overloaded term and confusing since vollbier is also a taxation classification. More info at http://www.franconiabeerguide.com/.

The recipe below will give you a pale kellerbier a la the Buttenheim beers - St. Georgen and Lowenbrau. A more red color seems to come out North and West of Bamberg. If you wanted to go a little darker I think 1 oz of Carafa III per 5 gallons would take it up a notch. I'm thinking a little Cara Aroma or Cara Foam as well. I REALLY don't want any roast or chocolate to come across. The Vienna adds very little color, it just keeps the attenuative lager yeast from taking things too painfully dry.

Subjective impression: crisp hoppy beer with malt support, white pepper

Spalter character in bitterness, flavor and aroma

It's a pretty simple beer:

OG: 1.050

FG: 1.010

IBU: 45

SRM: 4-7 estimated

Water: enough sulfate to support the hop bitterness

82% Pils malt

18% Vienna malt

100% Spalter hops

Single temperature infusion mash at 150F with 1.5 quarts water per pound

Hop schedule:

60 minutes - 40 IBU (about 2 oz per 5 gallons)

10 minutes - 5 IBU (about 1.25 oz per 5 gallons)

Attenuative lager yeast, we use WLP830, fermented at 50F for two weeks and

then cellared until sulfur dissipates. We have gotten pretty good results

with fermentation temperatures between 45F and 65F, but 50F provides the

best flavor integration with this yeast.

Serve as keg beer or, for a fun party, serve from a firkin under gravity

with light carbonation the way they do in Brauerei Ausschanks in Franconia.

derek a
05/19/09 02:50 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Just bottled a Belgian amber of sorts

Saison and unberliner weiss fermenting away

up next a Belgian dark strong and brett saison.

05/19/09 03:11 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Thanks for the recipe offer on the Schlenkerla Lager Sean. I'd love to see it. We have one that we've brewed a couple of times that is pretty similar. Here it is:

58% German Pils Malt

39.5% Weyerman Rauch Malt

2.5% Dextrin Malt

Mash Schedule:

122F 20 min

153F 60 min

168F mashout

Spalter Hops (FWH) 22 IBU

WLP830 German Lager; Primary @ 52F

05/19/09 03:40 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Oh yeah, the OG was 1.051 and the FG was 1.012
05/19/09 05:11 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
I just checked out the alcohol tolerance according to White Labs for their Brett lambicus strain and it was "approximately 12%." Since Stille Nacht should be 12% as well maybe this will solve the possible problem with it over attenuating. Fingers crossed.


05/20/09 11:20 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Belgian Wit beer (white labs wit yeast) w/Indian basil and coriander from Egypt

Bretta wit - with A-15 matted brettanomyces strain

Bretta wit - with A-15 glossy brettanomyces strain

Scag Bitch - Marris Otter Pale ale 90%, Cara aroma 3%, malted wheat 7% w/ 84grams Nelson Sauvignon, 84g Amarillo, 28g Colombus, 33g Nugget, 33g Styrians Goldings, 34g of Cascade and dry hopped with 16g each of Amarillo and Nelson Sauvignon and 28g of Colombus.

05/20/09 11:30 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Here's my recipe for a smoked helles. It uses a lot less rauchmalt than yours, but I was very happy with the results!


05/20/09 11:52 AM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Wow Sean, our mash temps are pretty similar as well as our OGs & FGs. If we hadn't done a step mash we probably would have mashed at 151F also. We used the same yeast and the same ferm temp. The reason we went with that much rauch malt was because we had made rauchbiers in the past with that malt as 90% of the grain bill and we kept on getting comments like, "where's the smoke?" Anyway, even if it is a bit smokier than Schlenkerla's we still like it.


05/20/09 01:19 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Nice to see this discussion, Sean and Joelle, as we are currently planning to make a smoked lager as a precursor to making another Baltic Porter (previous one disappeared distressingly quickly). We're thinking more of a dialed-back version targeted to land somewhere between the Schlenkerla Maerzen and Helles.

Also, nice slideshow Sean! Seems to me you are a brave man to boil with so little headspace. How long does it take your gas range to bring that to a boil (I assume it is 5 gallons)?

05/20/09 02:01 PM  
Re: What'a everyone brewing?
Erik said: "you are a brave man to boil with so little headspace. How long does it take your gas range to bring that to a boil (I assume it is 5 gallons)?"

I think it's about 1 gallon of headspace (8 gallon pot). I keep a pretty good eye on it. I jerry-rigged my stove and put both of the large burners on the same side (Boy, my landlord is going to have a hard time figuring that one out when I leave!) It probably takes 30 minutes to come to a boil.

As far as the smoked light lager, I think some judges thought my beer did not have enough smoke, but it was perfect for what I was looking for. It was interesting to see non-beer geeks' impression of this beer. First they were like "this is weird", and after a pint they kept going back for more!

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