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Tom from Raleigh
11/15/09 10:49 PM  
When to transfer
9 days ago, I brewed an extract brown ale. I pitched a healthy starter of Brett L. and 12 hours later a smack pack of WY1338 European Ale. I want to transfer this beer onto some tart cherry juice and sour cherries to age in a carboy. Right now there's a dark brown krausen on the fermenting beer. I need to transfer b/c there's not enough room in my current fermenter. At what point should I transfer?
11/16/09 10:06 AM  
Re: When to transfer
I'd go with the classic ... if your using an airlock wait for the blorps to be 3 minutes apart.
11/16/09 06:53 PM  
Re: When to transfer
I would definitely rack the beer into the carboy as fermentation begins to slow. Depending how fast the European ale yeast cleaned up the brew I would think that you would be able to rack fairly soon.

I usually rack my fruit beers while they are just barely active still so some yeast is in suspension to quickly go to work on the fruit so the beer does not experience any oxidation while sitting in the carboy.

Tom from Raleigh
11/17/09 12:44 PM  
Re: When to transfer
Thanks for your patience and advice. I just racked to a carboy. The head of old krausen on the Euro ale yeast threw me. I'll give it a taste in a few months and let you know.
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