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11/30/09 03:07 PM  
Alternatives to turbid mash for mega-batch of lamb
My friends and I have acquired a 60 gallon used white wine barrel and are planning use it to make a big batch of pseudo-lambic. It is going to be sitting in my brothers basement for a couple years, so I want to make sure we do things right on brew day. Right now the plan is to brew six 10 gallon batches over a weekend, the current recipe is going to be 55% US 2-row, 45% wheat (not sure which kind yet), and about 15 IBUs of Strisselspalt.

My main question has to do with alternatives to a turbid mash. Wild Brews has convinced me that a turbid mash is very important for this type of beer, but due to the sheer volume of beer we are brewing I don't think we can pull off turbid mashing 60 gallons of beer in two days. So, would a single infusion mash at around 160 F would leave us with enough dextrins in the wort? This would allow us to use flaked wheat rather than raw.

Another thought I had to increase dextrins was to do a small (5-8 gallons) batch of basically boiled raw wheat. I was thinking maybe take around 10 lbs of raw wheat and boil it in some water, then add the starchy liquid to the rest of the wort.


11/30/09 03:29 PM  
Re: Alternatives to turbid mash for mega-batch of
My lambic was a straight infusion mash of malted wheat and 2row.

I would think more complexity comes from bugs, time, and wood.

You'll be fine without it. Traditionally made is traditionally made though.

I'd just skip it. If you're a traditionalist you'll be pumping to a coolship and innoculating naturally also.


11/30/09 04:13 PM  
Re: Alternatives to turbid mash for mega-batch of
In the book Lambic, in the mash section, an alternative is to use flaked wheat. In my mind if you use 25%-35% flaked wheat and a mash temp of 158 to 162 you would accomplish the same thing as a turbid mash. Maybe add a handful of flaked wheat to the mash AFTER mash out during the recirculation and sparge with the recommend hot water, 190 to 203, to help rinse out any starches and dextrins.

That is my plan anyway for a barrel project I am starting.

What is your plan for inoculation?

I am thinking neutral yeast to start, pedio for the first 3 to 4 weeks and followed with some strains of brett. Then after some time, taste and add dregs if needed.


11/30/09 04:31 PM  
Re: Alternatives to turbid mash for mega-batch of
We are planning to inoculate with a few packets of US-05, Wyeast lambic blend, and pure Wyeast cultures of B. brux., B. lambicus, and Pedio. I am also planning to pitch dregs of several bottles of Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen. I'd like to pitch everything at the same time and let the bugs fight it out.
11/30/09 04:32 PM  
Re: Alternatives to turbid mash for mega-batch of
We're doing a similar barrel project as well. Our recipe is 60% pils to 40% flaked wheat w/some maltodextrin and steps at 113, 122, 145 & 158 in lieu of turbid.

We don't know if we have a barrel yet, but if not we'll be using HDPE.

We're going to inoculate with mainly commercial dregs built up. Hoping to get some "bug farm" goodies as well.

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