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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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12/10/09 03:45 PM  
BJCP judge wanted
I'm looking for a BJCP judge knowledgable about Belgian Saisons who would be willing to evaluate some beer. If interested please email me with information on your BJCP credentials and knowledge about Saisons. Thanks!



12/10/09 11:49 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted

I have not been BJCP certified however, I've made it a passion of mine to study saisons to the nth degree. They are my favorite style and I've worked for several years studying the style and perfecting saison brewing recipes. I've contributed measured gravities and reverse engineered these numbers for Jamil Z. who has passed this information along to the BJCP to help establish the newer guidelines. Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.

12/11/09 04:20 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
I had a BJCP judge tell me once he thought a saison was like Duvel but stronger.
Matt S
12/11/09 04:38 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Just because someone is a BJCP judge does not mean they are a beer expert. They may know more then most people but unless that are a master judge or maybe even a national judge, I would say they are far from being experts.
Al B
12/11/09 05:15 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
<<I had a BJCP judge tell me once he thought a saison was like Duvel but stronger. >>


Al B
12/11/09 05:19 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted

I can atest to the fact that Ross has given his soul to the devil for a saison.

Al Blaugies

Scott J
12/11/09 05:39 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Like Ross, I too have sold my soul the Devil for making Saisons. I consider myself an expert on the style and am a National-level BJCP judge (I probably won't ever be Master unless they give it to me because I am NOT taking that damned test again).

Perhaps you could send samples to both of us for evaluations. It is always better to get two opinions.

And Ross, we need to exchange Sasions sometime. I am bottling my Hiver and Potiron Saisons tonight :)

12/11/09 09:07 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
I second the Ross thing. Havn't talked to him in ages, miss that guy! I credit him with the funniest off the cuff remark I heard in 2007. Lovely wife, she called me with nutritional tips for dealing with my dabilatating surgury of 2008. Ross - if you're reading this, how is fatherhood?

Mash, you must be looking for one of two things, either making NHC award winning saison or making truely authentic saison. Knowing Scott (assuming you are the Scott J I think you are) he'd have you covered either way.

However ... and I NEVER say this ... if what you want is the true heritage and soul of saison you should bring this thread over to the other board. We're a really solid crew, don't get me wrong. But to my knowledge nobody who posts here is an actual Belgian. I try very hard to keep brewing topics isolated here, general beer talk over there. But you really can't beat someone like Joris. So how bad do you want evaluation? Assuming Joris was OK with the idea, and I'm not speaking for him so he may well not be, would you ship beer to Europe? Would you GO to Europe? March comes to mind! The BBB is having a big do in Brugse, the European presence will be VERY strong. I don't beleive anyone who calls America home could match the perspective of a guy like Joris.

I have one other name to throw out, do you know Dan Shelton? He is unapologetically honest no matter what that means, I respect the crap out of him for it. If your saison is not a great saison relative to true farmstead brewing and you ask Dan to taste it, you will walk away with absolutely no delusions!! But again, I don't know that he would be OK with evaluating you. And he would be a more strict authenticity guy, BJCP guidelines would not be a factor.

12/12/09 03:56 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Thanks for all the input guys. This is the longer story.

I'm a long time homebrewer who has turned pro and am working on a start-up brewery. I'm experienced with belgian styles and Saison in particular, having won a gold medal at 2007 NHC. I'm not looking for a BJCP evaluation so much as a objective comparision to other comercial examples. I don't just want to make a good Saison, I want to make an incredible Saison. Granted, some of this is personal preference but I'd like to have some outside opinions beyond my business partner and I. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Scott J, please email me. I believe you are in Denver, we could meet some time.

SteveG, thanks. I'll seek out Dan.

Thanks again everyone!


12/12/09 09:12 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Dear all;

Al Blaugies, thanks for the props, I still remember drinking that wonderful saison you brewed using the Blaugies yeast. So close to the Saison D'Epeautre!

Steve, I miss you too. I remember when you were cracking up at the NHC that year. You were the one who introduced me to Baltic porters that year. I hope we can hook up again sometime and most importantly, I hope you are doing well. Regarding fatherhood, I never thought at 45 I'd hear myself say that I LOVE BEING A DAD!! Thanks for asking! He's the light of my life.

Scott J; let's do it. Barring no problems, I have a straight up saison going into the bottle within the next couple of weeks. Give it another month and we should be good. I'd love to swap with you. Let's make it a point to stay in touch.

Gordon, I responded to your private email. I now remember your winning at the 2007 NHC. One of the saison judges sat at the tabel with Steve and I that evening. I remember your recipe being pretty straight forward that year too. As I said, I'd be delighted to help. There are not many commercial made American saisons that can compare to the genuine article IMO. Most of them are spiced over the top and/or not dry or hoppy enough.

12/14/09 08:26 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Your post makes me smile big Ross! Great to know a post here reaches you, someday before long I'd love to get to Chicago.
12/14/09 09:51 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted

If you're ever in Cleveland, let me know, I've moved!


12/21/09 12:58 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Hey MG,

I'm just another guy here who is kind of obsessed about saisons and if I had a paying job right now I'd suggest another saison swap soon with this group of people. Since I can't really afford the shipping I'm not going to propose that though, at least not now.

If you need an extra opinion you can ship me a bottle though. I'm a national level judge and I like to brew saisons and drink them too! Oh yeah, just thought of this, but if you ship a 16 oz or so bottle I can share it with the brewers that I intern with since they brew a lot of saison type beers and their house yeast is the Wyeast 3711 French Saison yeast.

I agree the more opinions, the better, but also since you are so passionate about this style, don't forget to trust your own opinion! They beer you ultimately want to brew might not match up exactly with what a BJCP judge thinks is a "classic example".

If you want to contact me my email is my screen name at gmail.com

12/21/09 05:19 PM  
Re: BJCP judge wanted
Sean you ought to go recycle some deposit bottles for cash or something, 'cause now you have me totally hankering for another Saison swap.

I tried my Dupont clone recipe again this year with WLP566 after tasting your excellent Saison last year. The results were good, but I am still getting some perceptible mineral/sulfur notes creeping in - wonder if it may be NYC tap water issues.

However, I also used WY3711 in a stronger version with rye that I would love to have some feedback on from this bunch.

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