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04/16/10 10:19 PM  
29mm caps

Not getting much help on another site, so figured I'd try here...

I have a bunch of 750s that require 29mm caps (Cantillon, Smokestack, etc) so I decided to buy the Red Baron wing capper along with a 29mm bell from NB. I switched the plates around to the 29mm side and put the bigger bell in there, but for some reason can't get a good crimp on the cap. It crimps it enough to keep the cap on, but I can spin it pretty easily still. I put the standard bell back in and it seals a standard cap fine.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

04/17/10 03:08 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
Check to see how far down the lever arms go down when capping a notmal bottle with a small cap. My guess is that with the 29 the jaws are not closing all the way or that the large flared ring below the lip is preventing the bell from going down all the way to finish the seal.

I have had the same problem on a few specifc bottle types with my two lever capper. Which is why I rely on a bench capper most of the time since it is a straight shot down and the bottle neck shape is not an issue.

04/17/10 10:59 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
Thanks, so you think I'll be fine if I just bite the bullet and get a Colonna? I've been eying them and they aren't really that expensive anyways.
04/19/10 12:26 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
In contrast to both of your guys' experience, I've used the Red Barron with the 29mm bell without any issues. No idea what the difference in your setup vs mine is though.
04/19/10 01:29 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
I have a butterfly capper that I bought specifically to use with 29mm caps and extra-large bottles like magnums - I think it actually is a Red Baron, but am not 100% sure.

While I have not experienced issues as severe as ss indicates, I have often noticed that the crimped edges of the cap are not always turned down as well as happens with 'normal' smaller caps, and their points tend to stick out a little more.

And in many cases the 'arms' of the capper will not go down all the way on both sides - one will stay slightly raised, even though I push as hard as I am comfortable without risking bottle breakage.

I have not tried putting my 29mm bell into my bench capper, might have to give that a go.

04/20/10 04:23 AM  
Re: 29mm caps
After closer inspection, the problem is definitely the larger neck keeping the bell from going all the way down. Guess I'll be buying a Colonna before I try to use any of these bottles...
tom sawyer
04/20/10 11:46 AM  
Re: 29mm caps
An alternative would be to use the plastic champagne corks and cages. I used those on these type of champagne bottles and they work fine. Just push them in by hand and twist on the cage. They are inexpensive.

That or you can cork, most of the capped bottles I've bought also have corks.

04/20/10 12:14 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
I was actually planning on corking these too, but for some reason hadn't really though about probably not needing an airtight cap in combination with a cork...

Have you aged anything for long periods with the plastic champagne corks? For some reason I just don't trust them for that.

tom sawyer
04/20/10 12:19 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
I've had my kriek in these bottles for 8 months now and no problems have arisen. I was intially worried whether they would hold pressure during conditioning since the fit wasn't super-tight, but everything has worked out fine. Not terribly authentic but very practical and simple to use.

If you're using corks I'd think that would be plenty airtight enough. Store the bottles on their sides like wine to keep the cork hydrated.

04/21/10 02:35 AM  
Re: 29mm caps
You will not have any problem. I have used a red baron capper with 29 mm caps for years now, and yes, sometimes the tines of the cap stick out a little bit. For some reason presumably due to the geometry of the bottles, sometimes this happens, and sometimes it does not. It is still a firm fit, and I have some five year old bottles of pLambic that are holding their own very nicely under such conditions (with corks underneath, of course).

It is an aesthetic problem at most. I've found that certain bottles work better at concealing this issue than others (one recommendation: Chateau Ste. Michelle "champagne" bottles from WA). But even the stubborn bottles are fine, as long as you cork them first.

04/22/10 07:35 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
Thanks for the help guys! Now I'm debating whether to get the Colonna or just a cheap corker...
04/23/10 01:26 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
Don't get a cheap corker. Get a floor corker. That way you can cork and cage the Belgian style bottles too.
04/23/10 09:23 PM  
Re: 29mm caps
MarkO > What size corks do I need for the cork and cap method?
04/26/10 11:39 AM  
Re: 29mm caps
#9 If I remember correctly. Same as normal wine bottles.
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