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tom sawyer
04/29/10 07:08 PM  
Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
The wife and I are headed to Chicago tomorrow for a much-needed long weekend. I've scoped the beer situation and decided to try the Hopleaf for a lambic and some mussels, and Goose Island for a few of their sour beers. Also want to hit Binny's and Armanetti's for some good take-home stuff.

Anybody have any other suggestions, for brewpubs or bottled beers? My "local" liquor store has a fe lambics/krieks, I got Cantillon recently. I want to try Boon though, and maybe other gueuzes from Belgium. We went to Two Brothers on our last trip, it was a nice experience. We also ate at the Bavarian Lodge, that was pretty authentic.

04/29/10 08:28 PM  
Re: Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
Go to the Map Room and don't spend too much money at the Hopleaf. Whatever you do, you have to visit Dave at Firkin in Libertyville. He's a great bartender and loves Belgian brews. Nice guy and knowledgable.
Scott J
04/30/10 01:30 AM  
Re: Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
If you are at Goose Island and the Map Room - you have to hit Piece. Ask the bartenders from either place about it - close to both.
tom sawyer
04/30/10 05:53 AM  
Re: Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
I had some other people recommend the Map Room. I put Firkin and Piece on my list of possibilities.

Is Goose Island a good choice? We see some of their tame stuff around here, I don't want tame but it seemed they had a nice selection of wild brews.

Scott J
04/30/10 12:53 PM  
Re: Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
Goose Island typically has 12 - 16 beers on tap and in the bottle so I can always find something intersting there. They also give a 20% AHA discount (maybe 10%?). Good bar food too.

Also, Sams Liquors is just across the street. Best beer selection in Chicago.

04/30/10 02:09 PM  
Re: Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
Tom, this is the wrong board to ask about travel, we are just homebrew talk here. You need to go to the other board (the BBB message board). I'll leave this up for a bit in case you want to copy the message and report it over there. At the end of the day I'm going to remove the thread. Sorry, I have no way to migrate it to the correct board.
tom sawyer
05/01/10 10:06 AM  
Re: Chicago Trip, Belgian Theme
Sorry Steve, I realized this today. Delete away.

I did get to Firkin, and a Binny's.

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