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dan s
05/05/10 09:17 AM  
first post and also first time using brett.
Hey My first post and also first time using brett.

I brewed a saison on March 2nd. The OG was 1.067 and it fermented down to 1.014 by the 30th. On a whim I pitched the dregs from an Orval when I racked to the secondary. Didn't see much happening so I pitched some more dregs on April 15.

It developed a oily sheen and now it's starting to develop some white foam around the edges of the carboy.

The SG is down to 1.012.

Just wondering what now? How long should I or can I leave it in the carboy? I only have 2 kegs so I don't want to dedicate one for long term conditioning.

05/05/10 11:16 AM  
Re: first post and also first time using brett.
The Brett in Orval dregs can work pretty quickly, at least as far as Brett is concerned. But I would still leave it for at least a few months. I've drank Orval dregged beer as young as probably 3-4 months, and it was good, but not as good as it was at 6-12 months, or longer.

My advice: brew another brett beer so you can stop checking on this one every few days. :)

05/05/10 03:20 PM  
Re: first post and also first time using brett.
I definitely second that! The most useful thing I've done while brewing sours & w/ brett in general is to brew one at least every few batches. Once there's a pipeline, you eventually have a pipeline of finished beers as well. (Plus, it gives you various beers to blend if need be!) This is the same advice I got from my meadmaking friends when I started doing that, since it normally takes a year or more for a good batch. Who wants to wait .5-2 years for a beer to finish only to then brew another one which you have to wait that much longer for!
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