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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/12/10 04:21 PM  
What to do with .75G Funk-RIS
Hi folks,

So when I racked my 2008 RIS (1.108 to 1.034, 9.2%ABV) into secondary I had almost a gallon extra and I put it in a 1G carboy with some buggy wood cubes and liquid from my bug circus on 9/23/08. I last tasted it 1/15/09 and it was, well, converted to sour and according to the notes it was pretty good and unique! The char at the end gave it a neat feel. I haven't tasted it since because a small taste is a large percentage of the total volume.

I think it's time to be packaged somehow. Any ideas? I think bottles are ideal but the racking+filling seems like a lot of O2 exposure for 3/4 gallon. I'll need to add yeast right? Does it make more sense to go into a 5G corny under CO2, force carb, and bottle from there? I think those are my only options unless others have ideas?

It's really just an experiment but I want to finish it to the bottle stage. Looks like about 7 12oz bottles... Funkress?

05/12/10 07:03 PM  
Re: What to do with .75G Funk-RIS
Lately I have really been into kegging everything (sour or not) then force carbing and if need be, using my beergun to bottle with. For some reason, I just feel better knowing that I am doing my best not to introduce any extra oxygen into the process. Of course, I have separate beergun equipment for sour and regular beers.
tom sawyer
05/12/10 08:17 PM  
Re: What to do with .75G Funk-RIS
I'm the oppopsite, I've gone from kegging back to bottle conditioning. I like the ability to choose from multiple brews. I'd reyeast and add sugar then bottle. A dark heavy beer like that isn't going to suffer from oxidation with the limited exposure you're giving it.
05/13/10 10:03 AM  
Re: What to do with .75G Funk-RIS
I looked around after posting and found "Black Cherry Bomb" by Bullfrog brewery. They made something like this but also with oak, licorice, and cherries, apparently.

I could always add something to make it even better. I even have a little more of the non-soured, oaked RIS in a keg still.

Since it's been sitting 18 months, if I add some cherries and/or some more non-soured RIS, will it start up again? I can always add a few more spoonfulls of Bug Circus to it. I think to make the decision I'll need to taste and maybe blend with non-soured RIS and taste again.

Maybe I could even prime with non-soured RIS.

Thanks for letting me brainstorm and bounce ideas off you guys.

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