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05/16/10 12:26 PM  
anyone ever use aprilums in beer? got a whole bunch at whole foods and wanted to use them in a sour. was wondering if anyone had used them before and how much theyd used. from eating a couple they are pretty sweet and tart. i was thinking about 2lb per gallon tho i might do a bit less.
Mike T
05/17/10 09:36 AM  
Re: aprilums?
I used Pluots (another apricot-plum hybrid). The base beer wasn’t great, but the pluots added a nice subtle fruity complexity (@ ~ 1 lb per gallon). I de-pitted them and sliced them up before adding them to the beer in secondary.

I emailed Vinnie about Compunction (the sour Plout beer RR does) and he told me:

"We add about anywhere from ˝ a pound to one pound per gallon of beer, we are always experimenting. We’ve used a Pluot that is 50/50 mix of apricot and plum and one that was 60% apricot and 40% plum. The more the apricot the more tart the beer will be. The beer sits in the barrel on the fruit for 9-12 months."

Hope that helps some, good luck.

05/18/10 01:52 AM  
Re: aprilums?
Mike, have you experimented with adding some pits as well? I know people often include them in cherry beers for added complexity.
05/18/10 06:38 AM  
Re: aprilums?
cool mike, thank for the info... never heard of that russian river beer before. i think ill end up going with 1lb/gallon.

havent thought about the pits yet. when i made a kriek i left the pits in but they are quite smaller...

Mike T
05/18/10 11:22 AM  
Re: aprilums?
I haven't tried adding the pits from anything but cherries. Unlike cherries Pluots are big enough that they won't fit into a carboy without being cut up, and since I was cutting them up anyway it seemed worth taking the pit out… did the same thing with peaches (the only other stone fruit I’ve used).
05/18/10 07:09 PM  
Re: aprilums?
Did you use frozen peaches or fresh? How were the results with the peach addition? Did you find them too subtle?
Mike T
05/19/10 11:15 AM  
Re: aprilums?
I used fresh (ripe, super juicy) freestone white peaches from the farmers market. I usually freeze fruit, but this time I beat the pieces up a but with my auto-siphon before racking the beer onto them, just over 2 lbs of fruit per gallon. I left the beer on the fruit for ~6 months, then I racked it off the peaches for the “goo” to settle. I'd always read the "peaches don't work in beer" thing as well, but this beer ended up with a huge fresh peach nose. I used a sour honey/wheat beer as the base.
05/19/10 11:18 AM  
Re: aprilums?
Sounds tasty
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