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08/03/10 11:09 PM  
Brett stout?
I'll soon be bottling a Saison that I finished w/Brett (L&B). The Brett had primaried an IPA, then pitched into secondary with the Saison. I am contemplating using the cake again to primary another beer. Has anyone ever done a stout w/Brett as the only yeast? Just wondering if it would even be worth a shot?
08/04/10 08:33 AM  
Re: Brett stout?

Check out this podcast for brewing a clone of Jolly Pumpkin Dark Dawn. Has good interview with Ron jefferies of Jolly Pumpkin.

"Madrugada Obscure (Dark Dawn). This complex craft beer is a Belgian-inspired stout that is dark, roasty and one of the most unique beers on earth."



08/04/10 08:48 AM  
Re: Brett stout?
Just had this exact same conversation with my brewing buddy. He ended up brewing a robust porter which he primaried with Brett B. and L. My one tip of advice would be to add a low mash temp just to make sure that the beer dries out enough for you with all of those unfermentables in a dark stout. You could also add some form of simple sugars to help the brett dry the beer out as well (cane sugar, honey, turbinado, etc).

Definitely check out that show with JP and Ron Jeffries as he provides some necessary tips for making this style of beer work. Good luck and brew hard!

08/05/10 11:35 AM  
Re: Brett stout?
A couple years ago I did an oatmeal stout primaried with Brett C. It was during a run of all Brett C beers. It was, uninspiring. Just boring. But frankly a lot of the beers were.
08/05/10 12:38 PM  
Re: Brett stout?
We have a stout with a touch of rye in a pinot noir barrel that previously housed our flanders red. There is still a large roeselare culture and some macerated cherry muck in the barrel so it should be interesting. We'll be pulling it out in the next few months. I'm curious to see how it's coming along.
08/08/10 01:07 PM  
Re: Brett stout?
I have bottle conditioned a Bourbon Barrel stout or two with Brettanomyces brux, the orval strain, and I would say it came out delicious! Another direction to go... The fermentables are important, you have to brew the right recipe or else it will be boring and uninspiring
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