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08/23/10 09:24 AM  
Ithaca Brute 2010
Anyone know from experience if this beer has viable dregs in it? The bottle says fermented with brettanomyces and finished with 3 strains of champagne yeast. Anyone know if there are other microorganims besides just brett?
08/23/10 01:08 PM  
Re: Ithaca Brute 2010
Not sure about the Brute, but I had success culturing dregs from a bottle of Ithaca LeBlue. It had brett and lactic acid bacteria in it.

We also used the dregs of a bottle of one of their other special releases that was infected with a lactic bacteria, it was a rye beer that had soured accidentally.

08/23/10 07:34 PM  
Re: Ithaca Brute 2010
I'm local to this beer and have had a few discussions with the brewer about it. My understanding is that a big chunk of the sourness comes from 10% acid malt in the grain bill rather than lactic acid producing bacteria. I believe they leave some beer in the tank each year and add new beer on top of it. Not sure if they add a new load of Brett each year or what strain it was originally. To my tastes there was a fair amount of acetic character in it last year so there's some of that going on for sure.

One concern about using dregs from beers finished with champagne yeast is that the 2 main strains I know of, EC-1118 and DV-10, are both producers of "killer" proteins. I'm not sure if Brett and/or lactic acid bacteria are impacted by these proteins or not.

08/27/10 10:05 AM  
Re: Ithaca Brute 2010
Definitely snag this one if you see it on the shelves. It was a fantastically sour (slightly acetic) pale brett beer where the brettanomyces is really developed with citrus and lemon rind qualities. Highly carbonated and a delicious beverage. Just wish I had bought more... :(
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