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09/18/10 10:36 PM  
So Ive been purusing some old brewing texts lately and came across a reference to a beer called uytzet in a text from the 1850's called "Traité de la Fabrication des Bières et de la Distillation des Grains" written by Lacambre

Im fairly interested in this beer and was wondering if anyone knew of any other references to it?

09/18/10 10:43 PM  
Re: Uytzet
oh i should add that i came across one or two other mentions in older texts and only added to my curiosity

One spoke of being able to ignite the gases escaping and forming a blue flame

One other noted a strong aroma of pineapple

09/19/10 01:33 PM  
Re: Uytzet
Ryane, I'd ask that across the street on the BBB. This board is really about production and does not seem to draw any Europeans. There are some very well informed folks from Europe over there though.
09/20/10 02:10 AM  
Re: Uytzet
Ask Ron from http://barclayperkins.blogspot.com/. He seems to be the authority in such matters.
09/24/10 06:31 PM  
Re: Uytzet
There is a 1798 book on the topic that I have been wanting to read for some time, but haven't been able to find on interlibrary loan (they are less than generous with books predating the 19th century):

"Dissertation sur la manière de faire l'uitzet et sur sa salubrité comparée avec celle des autres bières et autres boissons qui sont le plus en usage dans les neuf départements," par P.-E. Wauters, membre de la commission de santé de Oand, des Sociétés de médecine, etc., de Bruxelles, d'Anvers et ci-devant de celle de Paris; médecin des hospices civils de la ville et canton de Oand. Gand, août 1798.

10/09/10 11:03 PM  
Re: Uytzet
Thought I would bump the thread a bit...

MarkO - I actually recently got my hands on an original copy of the dissertation!! and I am currently translating the book, if your interested I can send you a copy when Im finished

Its kind of cool to have the actual copy of the dissertation, the pages are very thick and you can feel the indentation of the letteers from the press they used on every page, heck its even signed!

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