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Matt C
01/28/11 08:13 AM  
Brettanomyces in Wyeast 3191
Has anyone isolated the strain in this blend and if so, is it any different from any of the strains already available from Wyeast? I'm thinking of blending some of this not-too-sour Berliner Weisse into a batch of Saison I have and was wondering what flavor characteristics I might end up with from the Brett.
Mike T
02/11/11 09:26 AM  
Re: Brettanomyces in Wyeast 3191
I used that blend one and didn't get much of a Brett character. It developed some fruit, and a bit of earthy funk as it aged. Granted it was a pretty small/dry beer, so it might have more character in a stronger beer. Not sure what strain it is (Wyeast just calls it "unique").
02/11/11 10:16 AM  
Re: Brettanomyces in Wyeast 3191
When the 3191 mix was first presented, they talked about "..brettanomyces from a now defunct BW brewery.." which strongly suggests the brett comming from the Schultheiss brewery in former East-Berlin, but who knows...

I have isolated a pure culture from the mix, and it has a rather subdued character, but has given me very balanced and great tasting berliners. Note however, that these berliners were really lactic sour straight from the primary, and I think the presence of lactic acid is neccesary for brett to produce the right kind of esters.

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