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01/31/11 01:19 AM  
Rochefort clone
I just bottled my Rochefort clone. With 1762.

Primary 7 days. OG 1120

Secondary 8 weeks. FG 1006


a little hot, but 6 months aging and carb. should make for an awesome beer.

01/31/11 07:11 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
What was the recipe?
01/31/11 11:46 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
8 pils

8 pale

2 d2 sugar

2 white sugar

1 centennial

2 saaz


1762 w/starter

01/31/11 02:34 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Was getting ready to use this yeast myself and was wondering at what temps did you mash at? Just curious how strong that yeast is for chomping down on sugars...
01/31/11 05:12 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
When were the hop additions, and what AA% for each?

90 minute boil with the pils?

Was the sugar added at the beginning of the boil, or later?

01/31/11 06:32 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
If WY1762 is the same as WLP540 (which i assume it is) I had a hell of a time with attenuation. I started at 1.078 and with a big starter it still got stuck like a rock at 1.024. I emailed WL and they said it was common for this strain to get stuck and next time to aerate a second time a day or two after pitching. I ended up pitching dregs from two bottles of orval and 2.5lbs of sour cherries. That was about 1 month ago.
01/31/11 07:32 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone

What did your grain bill look like and what mash temps?

01/31/11 08:02 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
11.00 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Bel

1.75 lb Caramunich Malt

0.60 lb Corn, Flaked

0.60 lb Special B Malt

2.00 lb Candi Sugar, Dark

Mashed at 154, dropped to about 152 by the end. Probably should have mashed a bit lower, but i want to retain some body. If i did it again i would mash a degree or two lower and add the sugar a couple days after fermentation. Even so i think it should have taken gotten better than 68% apparent attenuation. The strain is listed as being 74-82%.

02/01/11 12:43 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
I mashed at 150. The Centennial 11.2 and 60 min. Saaz at 20 and 2 min. I don't remember the AA of the Saaz (usually 3-5). Sugar added at the beginning.
02/01/11 01:13 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
wlp540 took mine from 1140 down to 1010! Only time I've ever used this yeast, but needless to say I'm impressed.
02/01/11 11:55 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
What temp did you all ferment at? Did you ramp it up at the end?

There's a comment on the WL website from a customer describing the exact same issue i had with stalling: http://www.whitelabs.com/beer/strains_wlp540.html so at least i'm not the only one.

02/02/11 01:33 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
I don't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure I started around 68 and ramped it up to mid 70s when it started slowing down.
02/02/11 12:30 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
That grain bill looks like a take from the Westvletern brew.

So is it "cloned" or just a really great dark and strong Belgia beer?

I've never used the WLP540 but I've had good attenuation with the 1762.

02/06/11 11:55 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Ross,is it scientifically cloned with test tubes and beakers? No, I don't have that equipment. I taste a Rocheforte 10 and try to duplicate the grain bill. Am I close? Maybe. Tastes close enough for me to call it a clone.
02/09/11 09:55 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Thanks. If it tastes like the Real McCoy then it's most likely close enough to be called a clone.

I think the Rochefort 10 is one of the top 5 beers of the world. I'd be thrilled to be able to copy it.

02/24/11 03:14 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Here is a Rochefort 10 clone recipe that I've been working on. I'm planning on brewing it this weekend. It was made by compiling information from BLAM, the brewing network's radio show on Rochefort, and various other Rochefort clones on the net.

12lb Belgian Pilsner

1lb Flaked Wheat

1.125lb CaraVienne

1.125lb CaraMunich

0.25lb Carafa III

2.25lb D2 Belgian Candi Syrup

1.5lb Amber Belgian Candi Syrup

6 AAU Styrian Goldings (80min)

4 AAU Hallertauer Hersbrucker (10min)

0.25oz Coriander (10min)

Servomyces (10min)

Irish Moss (10min)

Wyeast 1762

Decoction mash

122 (rest 10 min)

153 (rest 60 min)

170 (mashout)

Recipe Volume: 5.5 gallons

Boil Time: 90 min

OG: 1.098

FG: 1.014

ABV: 11.2%

IBU: 27

SRM: 44

Pitch yeast at 68, let rise to 73, when fermentation is near complete, rack to secondary, cold condition for 6+ weeks, repitch yeast and add sugar and bottle condition.

02/27/11 08:32 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone

Please let us know who this works out. I've studied the same sources you have and have come to similar conclusions on a recipe except for the amber syrup.

10/07/11 06:13 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Bit of a ressurrection but that doesn't seem to be out of place on this forum.

I recently put together a recipe for this based on the brewing netweork show and BLAM. The following is for a single batch (in metric so sorry non metric users. Ended up brewing a double batch to split with a fellow brewer and we had to sub the aromatic for 50:50 maelanoiden/victory as the HBS forgot to include the aromatic and I forgot to check.

I'm adding my D2 syrup in small portions following activer fermentation (currently added about half and letting it sit). I also made a 6L starter with some diluted reserved wort. I added all this back which dropped the OG - to fix this, I ran off about 8 L into a separate fermenter before adding the syrup. The small batch will make a nice dubbel (conditioning at the moment at 1010 - no trouble with attenuation). I was going to add port soaked raisins and cacao nibs but it seems to taste good as is.

Main batch will be bulk aged for at least 8 months before being bottled with fresh yeast.


Type: All grain

Size: 20 liters

Color: 26 HCU (~14 SRM)

Bitterness: 27 IBU

OG: 1.096

FG: 1.008

Alcohol: 11.3% v/v (8.9% w/w)

Grain: 6kg Dingeman Pilsner

250g Dingeman biscuit

500g Raw wheat

400g Dingeman Special B

200g Dingeman aromatic

Mash: 70% efficiency, [temp] 55/62/68/72/78

[time] 5/15/45/10/10

Boil: 90 minutes, SG 1.060, 32 liters

Adjuncts: 200g Dextrose to kettle

1 kg Belgian dark candi sugar (D2), added in increments after primary winds down

Spices: 20g fresh crushed coriander seed@ 10

Hops: 25g Hallertauer (4.25% AA, 80 min.)

25g Styrian Goldings (3.5% AA, 80 min.)

10g Hallertauer (4.25% AA, 10 min.)

10g Styrian Goldings (3.5% AA, 10 min.)

Yeast: Wyeast 1762, 4-5 L starter grown from full fresh smack pack using reserved wort identical to above (no chilled wort).

Salts: 4g CaCl2 to mash and boil

10/07/11 04:20 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Have any of you tried to use the dregs from the bottle? I just tried it and the beer turned out very nice. I had no issues with attenuation it went from 1.054 to 1.010 (81% AA) with no sugar and mashed at 152F. I am a big fan of Rochefort's yeast balanced Belgian profile.


10/07/11 05:10 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
I had presumed that the 11.5% abv would be too much to get a good dose of healthy yeast but I guess the yeast from the 6 would be the same strain?
10/07/11 07:01 PM  
Re: Rochefort clone
That was my thinking. The bottle will still have quite a few dead cells, but using a low gravity starter with nutrients and stepping it up you can produce some good healthy yeast.
10/08/11 10:21 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Isn't 540 the Rochefort yeast?
10/09/11 01:15 AM  
Re: Rochefort clone
Wyeast 1762 is supposedly. According to the mr malty yeast comparison chart, WLP 540 is the equivalent.
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