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Josh O.
02/06/11 07:15 PM  
ambient starter question
A good friend of mine and brewing partner successfully inoculated a ~3 cup starter with ambient microflora in his SF Bay Area backyard. Smells sour & fairly clean, nice looking & very funky pellicle, has gone through several distinct fermentation stages-- highly successful experiment (though we haven't tasted it yet). The starter was inoculated about 3 months ago. Ultimately he'd like to pitch it into a 5-gallon batch. Should this have been done months ago, or should he wait longer? I would guess the timing of the starter pitch will favor whatever the dominant yeast/bacteria is at that moment, but not sure how much of an issue that is when pitched into a fresh batch of wort. Is there any advantage to feeding it/stepping it up before adding to the larger batch?
02/07/11 09:08 PM  
Re: ambient starter question
In my opinion, there is no advantage to waiting longer. The starter probably has a minimal level of alcohol that has surpressed some of the early micro-organisms that may have grown. I 2 qt starter might be a good idea to "wake up" what ever has survived in their. My starter was about two months old when I pitched it.
02/08/11 12:34 PM  
Re: ambient starter question
I've never used a starter, though I think there is a good arguement to do so. But I agree with Witsok, if it seems to be working then it has served its purpose, time for your starter to reach for bigger and better things.
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