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02/17/11 09:56 PM  
Red Rye Saison
Hey guys. I'm interested in doing a rye saison, but would love a smooth malt character similar to that of an Irish Red. But I've never ventured down this way and would like some input. Here's what I'm thinking for the malt bill-

8 lbs belg pils

2 lbs rye

.4 lbs Crystal 40

.4 lbs Crystal 120

.25 lbs Roasted Barley

Thinking about going light on the hops, maybe 25 IBUs or so to really let the malt and yeast do some work. I'm thinking the 3711 will do for yeast in its lower temp zone-68-72F. I would love a nice red color because...well...I just think it would look cool too! Anybody care to comment? Thanks!

02/18/11 09:26 AM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
This looks like it would be mighty tasty, but I'm not sure how much like a Saison it would be. Without a low mash temp and maybe some sugar, it will have more body than a typical Saison (which seems to be what you're after, anyway). I'd brew it as is, but call it a Belgian Red.
02/18/11 11:10 AM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
I'd omit the crystal malts personally. I just don't care for sweetness in a saison, I find the style works best when it is as dry as it can possibly be fermented. I am currently drinking my way through a batch of saison I made that had a similar grain bill as yours except it had 1# munich malt, 1# rye, and a rough hand full of roasted barley. Someone on here, MikeT I think, suggested that the roasted barley would essentially be inconsequential to the final product and in the end I would have to agree. If anything, all it did was add a little extra to the SRM and I'd just as soon have kept it as pale as I could now in retrospect. It resembles some of the maltier biere de gardes I've had, at least visually. However, if it's a nice amber/reddish hue you are going for, your grain bill ought to get you there. Ultimately though, it's one damned tasty beer, and that's what matters most to me.
02/18/11 12:04 PM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
So, what is a Saison? :-) A farmers brew?
02/18/11 03:02 PM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
I agree about cutting out the crystal. A nice dry, crisp, refreshing beer is what I look for first in a saison. Crystal is going to add sweetness that takes away from that.
02/18/11 03:43 PM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
Maybe skip the crystal & roast; then use some chocolate rye for the color and mash a bit higher for body.

I wouldn't worry about leaving the beer too malty.We just did a low gravity saison here at McKenzie's, mashed at 155, two days later its already at 77% attenuation and still very active.

02/18/11 08:50 PM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
Thanks guys, I appreciate the info. Gerard-I like the idea of the chocolate rye, as I'm leaning towards a more rye-centric beer. I've never actually heard of chocolate rye & not sure my shop will have it: I'll have to give 'em a ring tomorrow. How much would get the job done for a reddish hue?
02/21/11 07:23 PM  
Re: Red Rye Saison
Maybe 2%

I've also seen cararmel and roasted rye.

I think weyerman and fawcett carry some.

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