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Matt F
06/23/11 11:28 AM  
Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
I have a blonde ale pushing about 1yr now that I used as an experiment. For the past ~12mo I've added the dregs of every good commercial sour I tasted; mostly Russian Rivers, Cantillons, 3Fonts, and Jolly Pumpkins. I tasted it recently and the aromas are fantastic but the taste I can only describe as tortilla chips. Is this strange flavor consistent for a brew in its "sick" stage or do I likely have some bad bugs from all those dregs?
Mike T
06/23/11 11:58 AM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
I've had that flavor in pale sours before, but it tends to show up shortly after bottling. It is hard to know for sure, but I would guess it will go away with some more age.
Brian S
06/23/11 11:59 AM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
Matt F
06/23/11 12:27 PM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
I guess it could be DMS. I split the wort into two secondaries and the other one is fine without the dreg additions and I understand some wild yeasts can create DMS.
06/23/11 04:59 PM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
Could it be a combo of DMS and diacetyl being produced?
06/24/11 11:15 AM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
Mike, I think you referred to this character as "cheerios" in the past. I would agree, and can also confirm that all my freshly kegged/bottled sours exhibit this character, and it eventually dissipates in 1-2 months.
06/24/11 05:31 PM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
Here's some interesting info: read the bottom section of this post on the beer sensory science blog post. http://beersensoryscience.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/corn/#comments

2-acetylpyridine? I'm not sure of course, but I know exactly the flavor that you are talking about, and it goes away with time and maturity. I have tasted it in my own brett/funky beers, as well as commercial ones (regardless of wort color), and I have always seen it as a "green" flavor produced by brett that either settles out of suspension or is reduced through fermentation. I've always described it as "corn flakes" though.

; )

Matt F
06/27/11 08:50 PM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
Thanks for all the good ideas. I think it's an easy decision to just give the beer awhile longer. If I remember I'll try to post here what the result is from additional aging.
05/02/16 10:15 PM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
Did age help?
07/27/16 11:56 AM  
Re: Buggy beer tasting like...tortilla chips
I get this flavor in just about every pale sour I bottle. I taste it in many of the newly-bottled American sour beers I've had, too. It goes away for me after 2-6 months in the bottle.

Milk The Funk people seem to think it's THP:

I don't mind it at a low level. I recently made a cobbler-inspired sour with apricot, vanilla and cinnamon and used this off-flavor to reinforce the "crust" portion of the flavor profile of a cobbler. It worked pretty well.
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