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11/23/11 10:02 AM  
Large Format Champagne Bottles
I have been on the search for large format champagne bottles. All I can find for sale are large 3L and 6L still wine bottles. There are the rare reasonably priced large format bottles on ebay but most of the sellers want too much money.

Anyone have a source? It's my understanding most if not all of them are produced by one bottle manufacturer.

11/23/11 12:45 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
How large are you looking? I know the Anchor Christmas bottles are great for reusing and the price is reasonable.


11/23/11 01:19 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Well I'm looking for some magnums (1.5L), and some Jeraboam (3L), but I won't turn down a Rehoboam (6L). I just like the idea of having the big ones for a special party. I throw beer parties from time to time and when next time I bottle a sour I'm going to toss some in a big bottle. I know they're impractical but I think they're cool as hell.

I actually contacted http://www.saint-gobain-emballage.fr/#critere(0) to see what minimums were on the large bottles. The one place I found selling them otherwise was Calglass and they never got back to me through phone or email.

11/23/11 01:22 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Sorry Rehoboam is 4.5L and Methuselah is 6L I think.
Josh O.
11/23/11 02:57 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Calglass doesn't like to sell direct-to-consumer anymore, but if you jump through the hoops (credit application, mostly) you should be able to order from them - minimum order of $500 though.

I'm interested in what you find out from saint-gobain. It would be nice to have a few large-format bottles in the collection.

11/26/11 07:44 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
I actually contacted Calglass about minimum orders for all bottles. They will not respond to me even as a potential reseller. My dad and I have given thought to buying some of each of the lesser common sizes like 375s and the bigger bottles for resale. It seems that is a niche lacking in the current homebrew and home wine making market. It's obvious to me that there are people interested.
11/26/11 09:04 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles

11/28/11 10:36 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Waterloo does not have the Jeroboam size in stock and they are saying that I have to buy a whole pallet. I don't quite know how many of these huge bottles would be on a pallet but it's more than I need.

I have been put in contact with a Saint-Gobain employee working out of CA. I haven't not emailed her yet but I will update when I get a response.

11/30/11 10:47 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
There's a small item that needs to be addressed when going with large format bottles. My Jeroboam 3L bottle arrived today. I removed the labels and rinsed the bottle. The neck is so thick it will take different cages than I currently have. So either I'll be making a cage, using a champagne cage, or I will be searching around for large format cages.

Plus I think the opening is ever so slightly larger than a standard opening. So I think I will have to buy some actual champagne corks instead of using my belgian beer corks in order to get a proper seal.

12/01/11 10:19 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Interesting. I have never bottled in a Jeroboam.
12/02/11 11:44 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
I hope to head to my LHBS to grab some champagne corks to see how they work for me with this bottle. I will bring it with for test fit of wire hoods.
Sebastian P
12/03/11 08:52 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
For what its worth, I bought some copper wire that I use on my 3 liter bottles. Works well and I haven't had any problems over the couple years I have been using these bottles.
12/03/11 10:57 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Where did you get the Jeroboam from?
12/03/11 06:04 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
I bought it on Ebay.

So I picked a handful of champagne corks. They will work perfectly with the slightly larger opening. I've come to the realization that I just need to buy my own safety wire and make a wire cage of my own.

Now the other issue is getting the cork into the bottle. I have two options.

1. Cut my Ferrari Champagne corker up and modify it to make it taller with adjustability to do short and these taller bottles. Not expensive really but could be a pain in the ass.

2. I tested this option today and it works. Just compress the cork well before you intend to cork the bottle. Let the cork sit compressed for an hour or two then you just open the jaws and quickly shove it into the bottle. That option is much less of a pain in the ass but it does take some decent forethought to consider the 2hr lead time to allow for ample compression to hand insert the champagne cork.

I have a sour saison coming soon to be bottled so I might throw it in there as a first attempt. My next beer that will be sour in a bottle is a year or more out and that's what I really intended this bottle for. I hope to get more though.

02/09/12 09:53 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
I just wanted to update you guys. I bottled in my first large format bottle today. I used a 3L bottle for a sour and used a normal champagne cork. Luckily I bought a couple 3L bottles that came with display corks and they had cages. They're really meant for a giant cork. However it will work for me at the time being. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get some safety wire that would allow me to make my own cage. I might have to hit up a craft store but I think it'll be worth it.

Sure this is a lot of work just to put beer in a big bottle but I just love the novelty.

Brian Richards
02/12/12 10:35 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Has anyone tried using a champagne cork in are normal belgian style 750mL bottle? I have a bunch of champagne corks sitting around and I've thought about trying them in my belgian bottles but I've been worried about possibly breaking the bottle necks.
02/13/12 07:18 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
I don't think they'd break the neck, but you may run into an issue getting them out depending on carb level.
03/05/12 04:03 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles


Just wanted to show you guys the homemade cage using the foil cap from the standard belgian cages.

03/06/12 06:23 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
Interesting cage. Where is the wire loop for removal?
03/07/12 07:18 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
It's folded up on the opposite side. However if need be I'll just open it with pliers. Not like I'm taking this as a BYOB to a restaurant, I'll be drinking it at my house or at a friends. I couldn't get the same sized wire as the actual cages are made so I did two strands of that thinner stuff. The corks are a super tight fit so I don't know how much the wire will be holding back on 3.0 volume beers. I bottled a beer to carbonate like Orval to between 4.5 and 5 and that one has yet to put any tension on the wire cage.
04/02/12 10:00 AM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles

Filled a 9L with a saison for my impending college graduation party. I'm 28 and just using graduating from college after 6 years of USAF time as an excuse to have a good time.

Matt C
04/02/12 01:01 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
You win at bottling forever. Good job!
04/03/12 05:41 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
04/04/12 05:57 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
That is awesome indeed.

Is that a 375 or 750 on the far right? Hard to tell since the next one left is kinda funky shaped for a 750 if that's what it is.


04/04/12 08:01 PM  
Re: Large Format Champagne Bottles
The far right is a 375ml and the one just left of that is a prosecco bottle at 750ml.
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