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Like the BBB, the homeBBBrew board is not a club, just a place to talk about making beer. Is there a swap you would like to see happen? If we can find a few others who have something similar then lets do it!

I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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12/06/12 02:06 PM  
Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
The last thread went to a second page with Matt C chiming in, thought it would be easier to proceed with a new one. So we are 5 now, one more would be cool but we can go with 5.

So you guys know how this works, I'll be contacting you for shipping address info if I don't already have it. I'll put that on a protected page that only we will have access to. We get our boxes shipped then start hammering out a date or two that we can all cyber-gather for the sampling.

Guess I need to start looking into a replacement chatroom. Maybe I should taste my beer again as well, its been a while!!

Gabe H
12/06/12 07:07 PM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
I emailed Michael Tonsmeire to see if he's interested. Do you have a guest pro lined up, Steve? Would other participants want to send out an extra beer if James from Basic Brewing Radio was interested? Can we Skype instead of doing the chatroom?
Gabe H
12/06/12 08:34 PM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
Mike replied quicky, he actually did the all brett swap here. He's out for trading, but offered to pass this on to a few pros he's interviewed for his upcoming book. Is everyone else game to send an extra beer to a pro funky/sour brewer?

Google + is a live video option instead of the chatroom.

12/07/12 06:15 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
you guys are killing me here. crap.
12/07/12 07:41 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
shibolet, sorry man. I hope its sunny and warm in Israel to make up for it!

Sure, we've swapped with Mike T before, I also asked AlB, he too is tapped for an appropriate selection. Its OK, we can have a great time with 5.

I can't speak to what everyone will want to do regarding sending a bottle to a guest (though I've never run into a situation whereas we had a guest and somebody complained about the extra bottle), but if there is an objection we can work around it. Whatever beers James did receive will go first.

Live video, interesting. That would be a whole new level of cyber-tasting. I'd have to see though, I have a real weird problem with my computer. Earlier in the year I picked up a virus, I brought it to Staples to clean up and when I got it back Google no longer worked. Big problem as my work email is handled through google. I was always suspect, the way Staples does the cleaning is to boot off of a thumb drive then hit the microsoft site to do the actual cleaning.

Anyway, my rules right now is that I can get to my email by going to gmail.com, but mail.google... won't load. The search engine won't function, but maps.google does. I'll check out Google + and see what happens. Maybe the + will be me! video tasting would be awesome.

12/07/12 07:48 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
Good news and bad, it looks like alternate subdomains don't break, like maps. and plus. But when I went to join I got this message:

Google+ is not available for your organization (cmg.net). Please contact your administrator to enable this service.

I'll talk to our admin, see what the deal is. I'm going to look for a free chatroom anyway as a backup in case others run into this and don't have direct access to their admin.

12/07/12 08:49 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
If you still want a 6th, I'd be happy to join. I can send an extra for any pros that join.
12/07/12 09:46 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
If you guys need anyone else I would love to be in. I have a couple funky beers hitting their stride that I would be willing to swap.

I have a all Brett ESB bottled in April and a Farmhouse Saison fermented with ECY03, plus a few others.

12/07/12 10:27 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
We can take both of you. We can then take up to one more person max. 8 is too many for everyone to ship to each other, so with 7 (maybe 8) we'll get info on everyone's beer and arrange two groups of 4 (trying to match similar beers best we can). We'll then either sample on two nights or - what I think is more fun - do it in one session but stagger groups. CASK1, coff, please send contact info to steve at cmg dot net.
Gabe H
12/07/12 10:31 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
Steve: Staples killed your Google? That's some funky junk. I'm ok with whatever format works for everyone - just throwing out some ideas.

Mike T emailed Shaun from Hill Farmstead and he's stoked to be our guest panelist, with his assistant brewer Dan. That's pretty freaking cool, hope everyone else is ok with sending out an extra beer for Shaun and Dan.

12/07/12 11:19 AM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
Actually I think its funkier than that. I brought it to Staples, but all they did was get it booted then connect it to Microsoft for the fix. It seems more like Microsoft trashed my google. Why on Earth would the developer of Bing do something like that?! Course I can prove nothing, but I will say a piece of software I download a couple weeks ago changed the default site for my browser from Yahoo! to Bing. When I went to change it back it pushed me to take test comparing google to Bing. I took it, actually google won. But it does seem suspicious that MS is pushing people to switch from google as a default, they fix my puter - and google becomes crippled. Call me cynical.
12/07/12 12:24 PM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
I think my name and email got lost in the last thread (Hookstrat at aol.com), but I'm still interested if you want to make it eight.

The main thing I have for trade is a Cable Car inspired barrel-aged sour. I have 6 or 7 other sour/funky beers but I think in limited quantity and format. So if we're doing two beers I might send different beers to different people.

12/07/12 01:42 PM  
Re: Sour/Funk Homebrew Swap
Awesome Luke, you are # 8, the tasting list is now closed. I'll start to move on this.

I think what we need to do is determine 1 beer per person for the tasting. We'll get info on what everyone has and determine the right beers. Then I'll set up the who mails to whom swap schedule.

Of course, if you have more and want to work out with folks additional beers to be mailed that's totally up to you and them, I think its a great thing to do. Everyone will need to send out at least 4 boxes, 5 if you want to include whomever ends up being our guest. I think sending out a selection of beers will get pricey - but if that is not a deterant there is no reason why you couldn't. More soon...

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