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Andy M
06/20/14 06:36 PM  
Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
I made a no boil berliner with 50% pils and 50% wheat. I mashed in at 140 for a long protein rest, pulled a decoction and did a sacc. rest at 148 for an hour. I mashed out at 170, cooled and went straight into the fermenter. I pitched a huge lacto starter and fermented at 100 degrees for 48 hours then cooled down to 67 degrees and pitched 1007. There was a strong creamed corn smell while the lacto was doing it's thing. I pulled a sample on the second day and it tasted like creamed corn as well. It fermented out and finished at 1.006 and I kegged it with sugar and pitched more lacto and some brett. Now it is carbed up and the creamed corn smell has faded some, but it is still pretty undrinkable. I brewed this about a month ago. I am wondering if the creamed corn smell and flavor will disappear with time. Is the creamed corn flavor from DMS or just part of the lacto fermentation? I am really happy with how sour it is getting, but the creamed corn thing is unbearable. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy Miller
Gabe H
06/20/14 07:48 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
Creamed corn is classic DMS and I've never gotten it from anything else.
Andy M
06/22/14 01:22 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
So much for all of the threads I've read about not getting DMS in a no boil berliner lol. That's too bad. I guess I will try again and boil it.

Thanks Gabe H
Mike T
06/23/14 11:17 AM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
DMS most likely, but that could be from the malt or the bacteria. Did you bring the temperature up before chilling? I bring my Berliners up to 210 to kill all of the microbes from the malt, never had an issue with DMS.

You can try moving it back to a carboy to give more time for the DMS to volatilize.
Andy M
06/24/14 12:03 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
I brought it up to mash out temperature before chilling. I do have half of it still in a carboy.
Adam K
06/26/14 12:25 AM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
I always get that aroma in sour mashes. It still shows up after the boil but I've never had a problem with it appearing after fermentation. I just bottled a sour mashed beer a few weeks ago so I'll see if my streak of successful sour mashed beers continues.

My thought is to try adding some more wort or extract and see if additional fermentation will scrub more of it out. Or dump it.
Andy M
06/28/14 06:19 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
It seems to be fading ever so slowly. As far as scrubbing it goes could scrubbing it with co2 work?

Gail W
07/10/14 01:50 AM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
Any chance it's the mysterious slowly fading Sour Cheerios smell, which seems to have to do with lactic bacteria or some other early mixed fermentation action, and not DMS?

I know, creamed corn does not smell like cheerios, but in case you were approximating a bit?
Andy M
07/10/14 01:40 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
It's really starting to turn the corner now. Maybe it's not DMS. I'm pretty hopeful at this point.
Andy M
09/22/14 05:51 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
I rebrewed this beer and kettle soured after pasteurizing instead, then pitched L. Brevis. The first and second day it tasted like normal wort. The third day is was full on creamed corn flavor. By the fifth day the creamed corn flavor was still there, but it was fading. I ended up doing a 90 minute boil on day 6 because I despise that flavor. Ph was 3.5. The boil was kind of scary because alcohol was obviously boiling off at 173ish.

Is this just a flavor from the Lacto, or is it DMS? I am trying to dismiss it as DMS, but it was full on creamed corn and seemed to be gone after the terrible smelling boil.

Andy M
Matt R
12/16/14 08:49 PM  
Re: Creamed Corn in my No Boil Berliner?
DMS. There has been some posts relating to having to boil off the DMS, especially when using Pils malt.
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