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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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08/07/14 11:47 AM  
ECY 20
Got around to kegging a wee heavy I soured with ECY 20. It was at about the 2 year mark when kegged. I got a strong ethyl acetate when it was kegged, thought it was a dumper, expected it to be a dumper but thought I would carb it up and see. No strong acetic character at all just ethyl acetate. Since kegged it has diminished a lot and is quite tasty now chilled and carbed up. Anyone else have any thoughts or expericnce with ECY20 putting out some wierd flavors that far along that have diminished like that? Not sure if I want to use any of the dregs from that beer on anything else
08/19/14 01:38 AM  
Re: ECY 20
My ECY 20 is only about 6 months old, and I Haven't sampled it during conditioning... for what it is worth though, I've been able to blend down a 2.5 year old 1 gallon batch of sour that had a lot of ethyl acetate. The ethyl acetate was there from early on and wasn't changing. The resulting blend was an improvement for both beers, I believe.

What temperature did you condition at? Empty airlocks + high 70's temperature produced the ethyl acetate in my beer.
08/25/14 09:32 AM  
Re: ECY 20
Never an empty airlock, temps were mid 50 in winter and in summer never above 68.
I have just never seen it come on strong and then slowly dissipate. THink I will just trash that culture. There is a hint of it there (not as storng before kegging) and definatly could be blended out
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