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08/18/14 08:27 PM  
Brett on Brett
Anyone add Brett brux to the secondary after a 100% Brett trois primary fermentation? What might I expect?
Mike T
08/20/14 09:18 AM  
Re: Brett on Brett
If the “secondary” Brett strain is more attenuative than the Trois, you’ll likely see a slow secondary fermentation. However, many of the flavor compounds produced by Brettanomyces in its traditional role (compared to 100% Brett) are derived from compounds left behind by the brewer’s yeast. So for example while a 100% Brett beer has loads of fruit esters from all that fermentation, it won’t have nearly the level of funky phenolics that come from secondary fermentation following a phenolic primary ale yeast.

I have two batches aging now, one with a single infusion mash and English ale yeast, the other started with a ferulic acid rest fermenting with a Belgian ale yeast. Both received Wyeast Brett B in secondary. Interested to see how different they are, theoretically much of the clove-y 4VG in the second batch should end up as funky 4EG by the time the Brett is finished.

If you give the Brett on Brett a shot, please report back!
09/06/14 09:54 PM  
Re: Brett on Brett
Well so far - about 1 week in - the beer is definitely showing signs of a new fermentation. I addded White Labs Brett Brux and the dregs of Logsdon Seizoen Bretta to a beer fermented with Wyeast Brett Trois. I haven't tasted it yet out of the fermenter but I will report back.
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