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10/28/14 11:28 PM  
No O2 For You!
So there are a lot of references out there about how Brettanomyces can metabolize micro-oxygenation. But how much is too little? I'm not talking about 100% Brett fermentations or fermentations that rely on Brett to do the primary fermentation, but secondary fermentations of Brett that are geared towards producing those funky and fruity esters/phenols that we are after (or other beneficial processes from Brett that require O2). I've often read that Brett produces a lot more "funk" when under pressure in the bottle or a keg. Is there any solid information out there, scientific or anecdotal, that shows that no or too little exposure to oxygen produces undesirable results from any Brett species/sub-species in a typical sour beer? In other words, is oxygen really needed in order to produce desirable results from any Brett sp in an aging environment? Here is an answer that I received from a friend on Milk The Funk: "I think (not know) that oxygen does not catalyze ester/phenol production. Oxygen does, however, help Brett grow healthy and plentiful. If it's anything like cerevisiae (and who the hell knows) oxygen would reduce ester/phenol production since citric acid cycle is bypassed. Of course you need good enough conditions to breed enough brett to do the esterase business. I do not have an idea of how much (if any) oxygen is needed for brett to do their business. Good questions." Thoughts?
10/28/14 11:28 PM  
Re: No O2 For You!
Ugh, please forgive the lack of line breaks.
03/10/15 12:14 PM  
Re: No O2 For You!
I have an ECY lambic attempt in a glass carboy. I grew a starter on the stir plate and it produced a thick white pellicle in a few days!! That starter was heavily
oxygenated because of the stir. That same starter
went in to the lambic attempt mentioned above and a
bubbler placed on the carboy mouth. LOW oxygen and there
is only a film on the surface of the beer with a couple silver dollar sized bubbles and no white pellicle. I am not knowing how this beer is doing until I take a taste. It will be a year old in July. I am not sure a pellicle is indicative of how the brett is doing.
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