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Matt F
03/09/15 01:54 PM  
Bulk aging lambic temperature concern
I've barrel fermented 3 lambics in 55-60gal barrels and keep them in my garage. The oldest is about 3y/o and tastes amazing. The barrels have been subject to temperature swings over the seasons. I live in southeastern PA the temperature in my garage fluctuates from ~20F to 85F. Up until now this fluctuation hasn't negatively impacted the lambic, however, now I intend on racking one of the barrels into smaller (6 gal) carboys to aged on various fruits. I'd prefer to keep the carboys in the same garage but I'm concerned that the temperature will have a bigger impact on the lambic in carboys than it did when it was bulk aging in barrels. What's the temperature tolerance of fermented lambic? Could a 5-6 gallon carboy of lambic spoil in 85f weather? Looking for anyone's experiences on this. Thanks!
03/17/15 07:19 PM  
Re: Bulk aging lambic temperature concern
65F is about where acetobacter likes to start exercising. I'd be really weary of letting fermented beer get above 60-62F, otherwise you may end up with quite a but of vinegar on your hands.
03/19/15 04:25 PM  
Re: Bulk aging lambic temperature concern
if you must do it I would add the fruit in peak seasons where the ferment temp is fairly steady...spring or fall. Let it ferment out and then get it bottled or kegged.
Fruit stuff is best fresh IMO
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