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06/03/15 10:53 AM  
Brett C fermentation temps and their effects.
I've been making the wonderful SteveG Brett C berliner for years and love the results I've gotten from fermenting at mid 60s F cellar temps. Pleasantly tart but pretty clean. I've just replaced my old rectangular mash tun cooler with a tall round one... and I ferment Brett C in a corny keg that fits inside the cooler with much room to spare... and I've got an immersion circulator with .1F temp control... so I've realized that fine grained temp control is possible. Do we have any data on what compounds get metabolized out of White Labs Brett C at particular temperatures? I'd love to know the magic number to dial in to get myself a pineapple ester bonanza. Right now I'm ramping up from 64F to 82F over 24 hours, 3 days into the fermentation. Present beer is probably not going to be useful as data, as it is heavily flavor hopped with very tropical Hallertauer Blanc...
06/10/15 09:10 PM  
Re: Brett C fermentation temps and their effects.
OK. If nobody has data to share, maybe I'll start some experiments and report back.
09/03/15 03:44 AM  
Re: Brett C fermentation temps and their effects.
I have no data to share, but would love to see some. I don't yet have that kind of accuracy in temp control, but you're right, it would be wild (ha) to be able to dial in that kind of specific ester production.
10/11/15 01:35 PM  
Re: Brett C fermentation temps and their effects.
Now that it is getting to be fall and a more inside-project time of year, I'm coming back to this idea. I'm thinking up an experiment procedure and hoping some others might want to join in, to spread out the work, and verify reproducible results. If anybody else out there is interested and has got a sous vide rig that can dial in a temperature, speak up.

Since the subject of inquiry is what various temps have on Brett C. aroma and flavor production, we want to reduce variability down to just temp. We'd do that be using a standard wort. I'd nominate Malta Goya because it is available in most places, either in supermarkets or in Latino shops.

To prepare the Malta, I'd use the same procedure I do when I make a starter with it. Take a 12 oz bottle, pour it into a pyrex measuring cup and microwave it until it just boils (both to decarbonate it and to verify it is sterilized.)

Pour that into a 1L pet seltzer bottle and innoculate it with some amount of White Labs Brett C straight from the shaken up tube. Stretch a balloon over the top to capture all of the gasses produced.

Ferment at a particular chosen temperature. I'd like to do 1 degree C intervals from 20 to 30 to start.

Temp to be maintained by use of a water bath with an immersion circulator.
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