Suffering from lack of sleep and over-indulgence, we had massive hangovers on arrival in Detroit, and I was starting to feel ill. This was not a good start to a heavy week which was going to be the very beery bit of the trip (but of course it still was not a beer holiday!). Bob picked us up at the airport, but unfortunately only one of our three bags had travelled with us and we had to leave the airport two bags short. Apparently the other two had been routed via Chicago. Not a good start.

Bob kindly kept the tour of downtown Detroit brief, as there really is nothing there - I have never seen anything quite like it. Perhaps this is what the Specials were thinking of when they wrote Ghost Town. He then took us on a tour of bars and breweries, starting with the weirdest place I've been to since the Stop in Suxy. If this place isn't modelled on the Stop, then it's the biggest co-incidence in ages. It's a Belgian bar in the most unexpected location somewhere in the Detroit suburbs, with a decent little list of Belgian beers and a few local beers. Its all decked out with Belgian posters and memorabilia - again, for the area, a real shock! But the real surprise was the feather bowling alley in the side room. Apparently a great Belgian tradition, obviously one that has escaped me in my 25 trips to Belgium. Feather bowling anyone? Well, it was a new one for me.

Next stop was a former speakeasy called Ye Olde Tap Room, again in the middle of nowhere, which had about 300 beers, and where I got a Rogue Mocha Porter. Bob's eyes lit up when he sipped his Stille Nacht - it was one with the old yeast! Yes, this place is a real winner, fab list and great atmosphere. Next up was the Kuhnenn Brewing Co, where we met new babbler no 2 of the day, Frank R! Frank served up a whole load of samples, including the Kriek which they've been aging in a bourbon barrel. Very unusual and great to sample it, though I couldn't drink a whole one myself.

And the final stop of the day was the Copper Canyon Brewpub, where we had dinner and sampled their super hoppy IPA, which was highly impressive. Then we headed for Bob's place, where I had a couple of Bells beers, including the wonderful Expedition Stout, before hitting the sack about midnight. Thankfully our bags showed up overnight, and Bob was right, they were totally safe being left outside the house despite my concerns that they'd be tea leafed. Different world!

After a great lie in, which made us both feel much better, we decided that 24 hours without entering a shop was long enough, so Bob and Marta took us to the local mall, where we did some power shopping, expertly assisted by Marta. Boy, this woman knows how to find a bargain!! Later we headed south for the metropolis of Yellow Springs, Ohio, where John Sturm had very kindly agreed to host us for a night on our way to Indianapolis..

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